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Playlist for Classical Discoveries with Marvin Rosen

Wednesday,  June   20    2012 - 5:30 - 11:00am

Composer Work Performers label
air time
Castellano, Jennifer The Castle at Sunrise (Opening) Jennifer Castellano, Piano CD Baby 5:30
Cowell, Henry Air for Solo violin and String Orchestra Michael Sutton, Violin, Manhattan Chamber Orchestra, Richard auldon Clark, conductor Koch International Classics - 3-7220-2 5:31
Chelleri, Fortunato Sinfonia no. 1 in D Major Atalanta Fugiens, Vanni Moretto, conductor Deutsche Harmonia mundi - 88697294572 5:40
Bloomer Deussen, Nancy Trio Karen Bentley, Violin, Dr. Michael Kimbell, Clarinet, Susan Blinderman, Piano ERM - 6662 5:46
Bat Chaim, Ora The Eternal Candle Giora Feidman, Clarinet, Wolfgang Weigel, Guitar Koch Schwann - 3-6926-2 6:00
Caceres, Abraham Hishki Hizki Ensemble Texto, David Klein, conductor Buda Musique - 860212 6:04
Glick, Srul Irving The Old Toronto Klezmer Suite (Quintet for Piano and Strings) Catherine Wilson, Piano, Marie Berard, Violin, Steven Dann, Viola, David Heatherington, Cello, Joel Quarrington, Double Bass Doremi - DHR-71134 6:15
Ziani, Pietro Andrea Sonata Nr. 12 in D minor Musica Antiqua Koln, Reinhard Goebel, Conductor Vanguard Classics - 99199 6:36
Ferm, Jan Norbotten Rhapsody Norbotten Chamber Orchestra, Petter Sundkvist, conductor Swedish Society - SCD 1130 6:43
Corradini, Nicolo O Jesu mi dulcissime Coro, Mark Griffiths, conductor Dal Segno - DSPRCD602 7:05
Hindson, Matthew Violin concerto No. 1 (Australian Postcards) Naoko Miyamoto, Violin, New Zealand Symphony Orchestra, Kenneth Young, conductor Trust Records - TRI3004 7:11
Farr, Gareth Waka Aroha Priest, Voice, Vector Wellington Orchestra, Kenneth young, conductor Vector Wellington Orchestra -VWO 001 - (M*09) 7:42
Adler, Jeff Atrocities The Hevreh Ensemble Hevreh Ensemble - no number 7:53
Shank, Joshua Musica Animam Tangens The New York Virtuoso singers, Harold Rosenbaum, conductor Soundbrush Records - SR 1022 7:58
Gomez, Alice Shaman Returns Deanna Swoboda, Tuba plus prerecorded sounds Potenza Music - PM1013 8:06
Anon. 15th cent. Hymn from Cracow Fulget in templo legifer Ensemble Peregrina Raum Klang - RK 3106 8:16
Łukaszewski, Paweł Vesprae Pro Defunctis Piotr Kusiewicz, Cantor, Stanisław Moryto and Jan Szypowski, Organs, Choir of the Academy of Catholic Theology, The Choir Cantica Cantamus, The Cathedral boys Choir, Pueri Cantores Tarnoviensis, Czestochowa Symphony Orchestra, Bogusław Madey, Conductor Musica Sacra - 029 - (M*14) 8:22
Anon. from Codices Caioni and Vietoris Transylvanian Dances Accentus Austria Deutsche harmonia mundi - 88697911052 9:12
Satoh, Somei Toward the Night String Ensemble Endless, Toshiyuki Uzuka, conductor New Albion Records - NA056CD 9:23
Soderqvist, Ann-Sofi What is Life? Voces Nordicae, Lone Larsen, Conductor Foot Print Records - FRCD 0045 9:37
Erlebach, Philipp Heinrich Kommt ihr Stunden Franz Vitzthum, countertenor, Capricornus Consort Basel - Christophorus - CHR 77354 9:46
Chung, Yiu-Kwong Emperor Qin Crushing the Battle Formations Evelyn Glennie and Tsung-Hsin Hsieh, Oercussion, Taipei Chinese Orchestra, Yiu-Kwong Chung, conductor BIS - SACD-1599 9:55
Smith, Linda Caitlin As you Pass a Reflective Surface The Penderecki String Quartet Eclectra - ECCD-2050 10:11
Melani, Alessandro Cantata, "All'armi, pensieri Heike Wittlieb, Soprano, Thomas Sheibels, Trumpet, Ensemble ClarinoBelcanto Cavalli Records - CCD 319 10:19
Lofberg, Maria Sonata Elivi Varga, Flute, Olle Langstrom, Organ Sterling - CDA 1676-2 10:30
Viadana, Lodovico Grossi da O Dulcissima Maria///Psalm 126, "Nisi Dominus" I Fagiolini, Robert Hollingsworth, conductor Decca - B0016794-02 10:39
Fine, Irving Toccata Concertante Boston Symphony Orchestra, Erich Leinsdorf, Conductor Phoenix - PHCD 106 10:48

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