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Playlist for Classical Discoveries with Marvin Rosen


Saturday, September   10  2011 - 7:00pm - Sunday, September 11  2011 - 7:00pm




starts: SATURDAY, September 10, 2011 - 7:00 PM

ends:   SUNDAY,     September 11, 2011 - 7:00 PM

At the 10th anniversary of September 11, Classical Discoveries with Marvin Rosen will presented a 24 hour live radio marathon, totally devoted to music written by composers from many countries as a reaction to the unforgettable events of that day. Yes, all of the works youl heard were composed within the last 10 years.

Approximately, 75 composers will have their works aired during this marathon.  About 20 world premiere broadcasts were presented as well as a few American broadcast premieres. 

Here is a list of some of the composers whose music you will hear; John Adams, Margaret Brouwer, Charles Camilleri, Gloria Coates, Stefania De Kenessy, David Del Tredici, Nickitas Demos, Bechara El-Khoury, Adolphus Hailstork, Stephen Hartke, Joan Tower, Lauren Keiser, Wojciech Kilar, Elodie Lauten, Steve Layton (World premiere) Max Lifchitz, Dave Lisk (World Premiere), Ingram Marshall, Robert Moran, Paul Muler (World premiere), Robert A. M. Ross (World premiere), Joseph Schwantner, Sheila Silver (World premiere), Rain Worthington and many, many more.

The program will be on WPRB 103.3 FM Princeton and around the world at:

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Photo by Det. Greg Semendinger, NYC Police Aviation Unit

see more about marathon: >>>

  September - 10-11 - 2011  -  MP3 - WE REMEMBER SEPTEMBER 11
  Due to popular demand, the MP3 audio files from the 10th Anniversary of 9/11 broadcast
  will be available for a limited time (till September 21)
listen  Classical Discoveries - 19:00 - 20:00
listen  Classical Discoveries - 20:00 - 21:00
listen  Classical Discoveries - 21:00 - 22:00
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listen  Classical Discoveries - 24:00 - 01:00
listen  Classical Discoveries - 01:00 - 02:00
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listen  Classical Discoveries - 04:00 - 05:00
listen  Classical Discoveries - 05:00 - 06:00 - this MP3 file is not available
listen  Classical Discoveries - 06:00 - 07:00
listen  Classical Discoveries - 07:00 - 08:00
listen  Classical Discoveries - 08:00 - 09:00
listen  Classical Discoveries - 09:00 - 10:00
listen  Classical Discoveries - 10:00 - 11:00
listen  Classical Discoveries - 11:00 - 12:00
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listen  Classical Discoveries - 13:00 - 14:00
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listen  Classical Discoveries - 15:00 - 16:00
listen  Classical Discoveries - 16:00 - 17:00
listen  Classical Discoveries - 17:00 - 18:00
listen  Classical Discoveries - 18:00 - 20:00


Composer Work Performers label
Some other programs devoted to 9/11 remmembrance:
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Armstrong, Craig World Trade Center Cello Theme from "World Trade Center" Pete Anthony, Conductor Sony Classical - 88057-2 19:01
Albert, Adrienne Nightfall (World Premiere Broadcast) Marek Szpakiewicz, Cello, Kevin Fitz-Gerald, Piano Private 19:08
Moran, Robert Trinity Requiem Trinity Youth Chorus and Members of Trinity Choir Trinity Wall Street, Robert Ridgell, conductor Innova - 244- (I*02) 19:15
Shapiro, Alex At the Abyss Teresa McCollough, Piano, Thomas Burritt, Marimba and Vibraphone, Peggy Benkeser, Percussion Innova - 683 - (I*02) 19:50
Twining, Toby 9:11 Blues Matt Haimovitz, Cello Oxingale Records - 20:06
Castellano, Jennifer Threnody for the Victims of September 11th (World Premiere Broadcast ) Musique concrete Private 20:13
Lifchitz, Max Yellow Ribbons No. 40 Ann Ellsworth, French Horn, The North/South Chamber Orchestra, Max Lifchitz, Conductor North/South Recordings -N/S R 1054 - (N*04) 20:18
Mauer, Peri Afterwords (World Premiere Broadcast) Gilad Harel, Clarinet, Alister MacRae, Cello, Steven Beck, Piano Private 20:34
Demos, Nickitas Another Sky to Dwell In Cary Lewis and Laura Gordy, Pianists, Stuart Gerber and Peggy Benkesser, Percussionists Private 20:37
Armstrong, Craig Elegy from "World Trade Center" Pete Anthony, Conductor Sony Classical - 88057-2 21:05
El-Khoury, Bechara New York, Tears of Hope, Op. 65 London Symphony Orchestra, Martyn Brabbins, conductor Naxos - 8.570134 21:10
McNair, Jonathan B. Talking to Grief (World Premiere Broadcast) Choral Arts of Chattanooga, Dr. William Green, Conductor Private - 21:26
Silver Sheila Moon Prayer (World Premiere Broadcast) Conceertante Private - 21:32
Williams, Julius P. Midnight Tolls (In Memoriam September 11, 2001) Dvorak Symphony Orchestra, Julius P. Williams, conductor Albany Records - TROY844 21:50
Lauten, Elodie S.O.S.W.T.C. Performed by Elodie Lauten Studio 21 no number 22:05
Mazurek, Ron Final Bell Max Lifchitz, Piano North/South Recordings -N/S R 1044 - (N*04) 23:00
Hartke, Stephen Symphony No. 3
Hilliard Ensemble, New York Philharmonic, Lorin Maazel, Conductor New World Records - 80648-2 - (N*07) 23:05
Brouwer, Margaret Lament Laura Frautschi, Violin, Jean Kopperud, Clarinet, Donald McGeen, Bassoon, Dominic Donato, Percussion New World Records -80606-2 - (N*07) 23:36
White, Tyler C. Elegy for the Orphans of Terror Christo Pavlov, Solo Flute, The Philharmonica Bulgarica, Robert Ian Winstin ERM Media - ERM-6692 24:00
Sucharitkul, Somtow Requiem:In Memoriam 9:11 Audrey Vallance, Pradichaya Poonyarit and Barbara Smith jones, Sopranos, The Orpheus choir of Bangkok, Bangkok Symphony Orchestra, Somtow Sucharitkul, conductor Bangkok Opera Foundation - no number 24:07
Reynolds, Belinda Dust Claricello Innova - 653 - (I*02) 24:54
Armstrong, Craig Ethereal from "World Trade Center" Pete Anthony, Conductor Sony Classical - 88057-2 1:01
Auerbach, Lera Sonata No. 2 for Violin and Piano (September 11), Op. 63 Vadim Gluzman, Violiin, Angela Yoffe, Piano BIS - CD-1592 1:09
Del Tredici, David Paul Revere's Ride Hila Plitmann, Soprano, Atlanta symphony Orchestra and Chorus, Robert Spano, Conductor Telarc - CD-80638 1:27
Tower, Joan In Memory Tokyo String Quartet Naxos - 8.559215 2:00
Locklair, Dan The Aeolian Sonata Marilyn Keiser, Organ Loft Recordings -LRCD-1112 - (G*05) 2:17
Smith, Matthew Symphony 4 in Five Movements 4 1/16 size Suzuki Violins, Matthew Smith, Performer Innova - 624 - (I*02) 2:35
Nova, Anesti Valse Triste (in memoriam Sept. 11th, 2001) James Nova, Trombone, Symphonika Bulgarika, Valery Vatchev, Conductor Summit - DCD 426 2:57
Stevens-Estabrook, Sarah, Marchese Naoumoff, Catherine Just One Planet (September 11) Rachel Caswell, Voice, Sarah Stevens-Estabrook, Keyboards One Planet, Inc. - no number 3:05
McQuillan, Lee Romanza for Solo Violin and Orchestra (Into Troubled Times - A 9/11 Reflection) Petr Zdvihal, Violin, Dvorak Symphony Orchestra, Julius P. Williams, conductor Albany Records - TROY704 3:10
Sirota, Robert Tryptych The Chiara String Quartet New Voice Singles - CNVS 001 3:23
Quincy, George Voices from Group Zero The New York 5 Albany Records - TROY 596 3:49
Lisik, Dave Donated by Cantor Fitzgerald (World Premiere Broadcast) Amy Rempel, Piano, Tim Hopkins, Tenor Saxophone, Colin Hemmingsen, Bass Clarinet, Jorge Sosa and Dave Lisik, Electronics Rattle - RAT-D023 4:11
Ewazen, Eric Hymn for the Lost and the Living Richard Stoelzel, Trumpet, Ksenia Leletkina, Piano Albany Records - TROY1091 5:17
Allworth, Robert Organ Preludes for Saints and Martyrs Carson P. cooman, Organ Jade Records -JADCD-1092 5:27
Camilleri, Charles Dirge 11.09.01 David Campbell, Clarinet, Julian Jacobson, Piano Meridian - CDE 84470 5:34
Hailstork, Adolphus As Falling Leaves Debra Cross, Flute, Beverly Baker, Viola, Barbara Chapman, Harp Albany Records - TROY 612 5:42
Armstrong, Craig World Trade Center Piano Theme from "World Trade Center" Pete Anthony, Conductor Sony Classical - 88057-2 6:06
Walwyn, Karen Reflections on 9/11 Karen Walwyn, Piano Albany Records - TROY1085 6:11
Pavlova, Alla Lullaby for the Twins from "Old New York Nostalgia Moscow Philharmonic Orchestra, Rossen Milanov, Conductor Naxos - 8.557674 7:10
Chatman, Stephen Over Thorns to Stars Matthew Stephanson, Tenor, University of British Columbia, Jesse Read, Conductor Centrediscs - CMCCD 10304 7:15
Francis, Mark In Memoriam for 4 Trumpets (World Premiere Broadcast) Trumpets of The Mississippi Symphony Orchestra Private 7:25
Graef, Sara Carina The Valley of Unrest Susan Kane, soprano, David Connors, Tenor, Andrea Puente, Harp, Private 7:30
Dal Porto, Mark Song of Eternity(World Premiere Broadcast) The Czech Philharmonic, Unidentified conductor Private 7:38
Schwantner, Joseph September Canticle "Fantasy" for Organ, Brass, Percussion, Amplified Piano and Strings Dallas Symphony Orchestra, Andrew Litton, Conductor Hyperion - CDA67493 7:47
Whitbourn, James Living Voices Westminster Williamson Voices, James Jordan, Conductor, Ronn Carroll, Reader Naxos - 8.572737 8:06
Wasserman, Ron Lament and Restoration Alison Crowther, Violin, The Gracemusic Chamber Orchestra, Andrea Quinn, Conductor Red Bandanna Records -RB-19 8:10
Armstrong, Craig John Rescued/Resolution Catherine O'Halloran, Pete Anthony, Conductor Sony Classical - 88057-2 8:26
Beaudoin, Paul dem Andenken eines Engel (US Broadcast Premiere) Acousmatic composition Private 8:35
Adams, John On the Transmigration of Souls New York Choral Artists, Brooklyn Youth Chorus, New York Philharmonic, Lorin Maazel, Conductor Nonesuch - 79816-2 8:45
Marshall, Ingram September Canons Todd Reynolds, Violin with Electronic Processing New World Records -80704-2 - (N*07) 9:11
Warshauer, Meira In Memoriam September 11 for Cello and Strings (World Premiere Broadcast) Chris Johns, Cello, Tallis Chamber Orchestra Private - 9:29
Wendel, Robert Reflections on 9/11(World Premiere Broadcast) Orchestra, Robert Wendel, Conductor Robert Wendel 9:37
Lastovicka, Chris Antechamber (World Premiere Broadcast) Chris Lastovicka, Voice, Piano and Electronics Private 9:55
Sykulski, Jacek Peace Meditation Adam Miekiewicz University Academic Choir, Jacek Sykulski, Conductor Dux - 0395 10:04
Schroeder, Carl Christine's Lullaby Carl Schroeder, Piano Carl Schroeder Music 10:10
Worthington, Rain Shredding Glass Czech Philharmonic, Robert Ian Winstin, Conductor ERM Media - ERM-6827 10:15
Bloomer Deussen, Nancy Et in Terra Pax The Choral Project, Daniel Hughes, Conductor Private 10:26
Gellersted, Kurt Requiem Beth Anne Stone, Soprano, Alexandra Christoforakis, Mezzo-Soprano, Sam Mungo, Baritone, Chorus and Orchestra, Dr. Jeffrey Unger, Conductor Gellersted Music - no number 10:35
Price, Deon Nielsen America Themes National Orchestra of Ukraine, Beverly A. Price, Conductor Cambria - CD-1170 11:00
Layton, Steve like any other day until (World Premiere Broadcast) Steve Layton, Digital Synthesis and Mix, Musicians include Kavin Allenson, Jukka-Pekka Kervinen, Roger Sondstrom, Norbert Olandi, Gaetano Fontanazza, Steve Moyes, Jeff duke, Benjamin Smith, Bruce Hami Steve Layton 11:06
Sanford, David Seventh Avenue Kaddish Matt Haimovitz, Cello Oxingale Records - OX2004 11:29
Members of Gamelan Son of Lion
9-11: A Memorial Suite
Gamelan son of Lion Innova - 718 - (I*02) 11:38
Gerber, Steven Fanfare for the Voice of A-M-E-R-I-C-A Unidentified Ensemble Keiser Classical - no number 11:58
Kilar, Wojciech
September Symphony
Warsaw National Philharmonic, Antoni Wit, Conductor CD Accord - ACD 130-2 12:03
Muller, Paul H. Trade Center 1 "Unknowing Dawn" Ambient Minimalist music Ventura Contemporary Music 12:44
Muller, Paul H. Trade Center II "Smoke Rising" (World Premiere Broadcast) Ambient Minimalist music Ventura Contemporary Music 12:53
Wyatt, Michael Movement 2" Our Sleeping Sword" and Movement 3, "Where"(World Premiere Broadcast) Leslie Macfarlane & Laura Hatch, Violins, Devan Bartholomew, viola, Michael Wyatt, Cello Private 13:01
Keiser, Lauren 9/11 (American Broadcast Premiere) The Odessa Philharmonic Orchestra, Hobart Earle, conductor Lauren Keiser Music Publishing - no number 13:10
Manso, Angela Prayer for New York (World Premiere Broadcast) Roya Bauman, Vocal, Linda Head, Piano Roya Bauman - 13:21
Coates, Gloria String Quartet No. 8 Kreutzer Quartet Naxos - 8.559152 13:24
De Kenessey, Stefania Autumn Elegy Christopheren Nomura, Baritone, David Alpher, Piano Center Stage Records - 13:39
Grella-Mozejko, Piotr Lachrymae (In Memory of September 11, 2001) Stillman Matheson, Organ Eclectra - ECCD-2063 13:52
Cooman, Carson Canticle: Mosaic in Remembrance and Hope Harvard Choral Fellows, Edward Elwyn Jones, Conductor, Delores Zdancewicz, Flute Private 14:04
Hartke, Stephen Beyond Words Opus One Bridge Records -9271 - (B*01) 14:13
Chen Yi Burning Ron Blessinger, Violin, Greg Ewer, Violiin, Brian Quincey, Viola, Hamilton Cheifetz, Cello New World Records - 80691-2 - (N*07) 14:28
Bolles, Marita Buddha Girl Kuang-Hao Huang, Piano, Debby Borza, Voice Private 14:32
Jordanova, Victoria Outer Circles Victoria Jordanova Innova- 614 - (I*02) 14:53
Barnes, Larry Toccata: Act of War(World Premiere Broadcast) Jeri-Mae G. Astolfi, Piano Capstone Records -CPS-8777 - (C*01) 15:38
Quines, Raul Music for Lamentation (World Premiere Broadcast) Vivace Orchestra, Jonathan Handman, Conductor Stringendo - no number 15:47
Ross, Robert A.M. Psalm 51 (World Premiere Broadcast) Chamber choir Cantinovum, Orchestra of Jyvaskyla Polytechnic, Rita Varonen, Conductor private 16:01
Armstrong, Craig Selections from "World Trade Center" Pete Anthony, Conductor Sony Classical - 88057-2 16:23
Kwong-Brown, Ursula La Poesia Alice Tillotson, Soprano, Yanvar Trio Private 16:35
Kitzke, Jerome Haunted America Present Music Ensemble, Kevin Stalheim, Conductor Innova - 590 - (I*02) 16:46
Livingston, Dennis An Ordinary Day (World Premiere Broadcast) Chris Alan, Voice, Doug Hammer, Piano Private 17:08
Lifchitz, Max Still Life New York Treble Singers, Virginia Davidson, Conductor Private 17:15
Silverman, Faye-Ellen Reconstructed Music (World Premiere Broadcast) Alaria with Guest Pianist Margaret Kampmeier Private 17:34
Start, Elizabeth How it Comes:A Meditation in 10 Movements (World Premiere Broadcast) Elizabeth Start, Cello, Gail Griffin, Reader Private 17:42
Danielpour, Richard

"An American Requiem"

all movements except last

Stephanie Blythe, Mezzo-Soprano, Hugh Smith, Tenor, Mark Oswald, Baritone, Pacific Chorale, Pacific Symphony Orchestra, Carl St. Clair, conductor Reference Recordings - RR-97CD 18:01
Ralph Farris - arragement National Anthem (2002) ETHEL: Dorothy Lawson, Mary Rowell, Todd Reynolds ,Ralph Farris Private 18:57

Links where to buy CD used in current show:
(A*01)...Arkiv Music
(B*01)...Bridge Records, Inc
(C*01)...Capstone Records
(I*02)...Innova Recordings
(N*04)...North/South Recordings
(N*07)...New World Records