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Sunday, December 26, 2010 - 7:00pm - Monday, December 27, 2010 - 7:00pm

This was a Classical Discoveries Birthday tribute to American composer Alan Hovhaness right at the dawn of his centennial year. This program
barely scratched the surface but this is just the beginning. You can count on, that all through the year Classical Discoveries will present works
of Hovhaness in almost every program with the exception of specialty shows.
I hope that at least some listeners after this marathon will admit that even though Hovhaness's music is easily recognizable, his style was varied.

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You can also find on this website pages devoted to Alan Hovhaness:
Marvin's Recordings, Tribute to Hovhaness and Hovhaness Centennial

Alan Hovhaness Prayer of Saint Gregory(1946) John Wilbraham, Trumpet, Polyphonia Orchestra, Alan Hovhaness, conductor Crystal Records - CD807 - (C*11) 19:02
Alan Hovhaness Fantasy on Japanese Wood Prints, Op. 211 (1965) Evelyn Glennie, Xylophone, Singapore Symphony Orchestra, Lan Shui, Conductor BIS - CD-1222 19:10
Alan Hovhaness Celestial Fantasy, Op. 44 (1944) Members of Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, David Amos, conductor Crystal Records - CD508 - (C*05) 19:27
Alan Hovhaness Fire Dance (C. 1926) Marvin Rosen, Piano Koch International Classics - 3-7288-2 19:35
Alan Hovhaness Symphony Number 34, Op. 310 (1977) Douglas Yeo, Bass Trombone, Tokyo Artists Ensemble, Yoshiyuki Yamagishi, Conductor Die letzte Posaume - 51955 19:37
Alan Hovhaness Nocturne for Harp, Op. 20, No. 1 (1938) Elisabeth Remy, Harp aca Digital Recording-CM20070 20:02
Alan Hovhaness Achtamar (1948) Shoghere Markarian, Piano Private 20:09
Alan Hovhaness Trio for Piano, Violin and Cello, Op. 3 (1935) Paul Hersey, Piano, Christina Fong, Violin, Karen Krummel, Cello OgreOgress - (C*22) 20:13
Alan Hovhaness Suite for Accordion, Op. 166 (1959) Henry Doktorski, Accordion Henry Doktorski 20:22
Alan Hovhaness Symphony No. 4, Op. 165 (1958) Eastman Wind Ensemble, A. Clyde Roller, Conductor Mercury Living Presence - 434 320-2 20:28
Alan Hovhaness Talin, Concerto for Viola and Strings, Op. 93 (1952) Emanual Vardi, Viola, M-G-M Striing Orchestra, Izler Solomon, conductor M-G-M (LP) - E3432 20:48
Alan Hovhaness Armenian Rhapsody No. 1, Op. 45 (1944) Seattle Symphony, Gerard Schwarz, conductor Koch Schwann - 3-7422 21:04
Alan Hovhaness Allegro on a Pakastani Lute Tune, Op. 104, No. 6 (1952) Robert Helps, Piano CRI - 874 21:11
Alan Hovhaness Invocation to Vahakn (1946) Abel Steinberg Winant Trio New Albion - NA 036 21:14
Alan Hovhaness Duet for Violin and Harpsichord (1954) Robert Brink, Violin, Daniel Pinkham, Harpsichord CRI/New World - NWCRL 109 - (N*07) 21:27
Alan Hovhaness Symphony No. 3, Op. 148 (1956) KBS Symphony Orchestra, Vakhtang Jordania, Conductor Soundset Productions - SR 1004 21.32
Alan Hovhaness Jhala, Op. 103 (1952) Margaret Leng Tan, Piano Mode - 15 22:00
Alan Hovhaness Magnificat, Op. 157 (1957) Audrey Nossaman, Soprano, Thomas East, Tenor, Elizabeth Johnson, contralto, Richard Dales, Baritone, University of Louisville choir, Louisville Orchestra, Robert Whitney, conductor First Edition Music - FECD-0006 22:06
Alan Hovhaness Psalm for Brass Quartet, Op. 358 (1981) Metropolitan Brass Quartet MSR Classics - MS 1228 - (M*06) 22:43
Alan Hovhaness Seven Greek Folk Dances, Op. 150 (1956) Joe Sakimoto, Harmonica, Haruki Mino, Piano Camerata - CMCD-28017 22:50
Alan Hovhaness Storm on Mount Wildcat, Op.2, No. 2 (1931) Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra, Gerard Schwarz, Conductor Telarc - CD-80604 23:04
Alan Hovhaness Varuna, Op. 264, No. 2 (1973) Macalester Trio CRI/New World Records - NWCRL 326 - (N*07) 23:08
Alan Hovhaness O Lady Moon, Op. 139 (1953) Dawn Sadoway, Soprano, John Mahon, Clarinet, Jeremy Spurgeon, Piano Arktos Recordings - 200376 23:24
Alan Hovhaness Symphony No 1, Op. 17, No. 2 "Exile Symphony" Original Version (1936) NBC Symphony Orchestra, Leopold Stokowski, Conductor (US Premiere) Guild - GHCD 2347 23:28
Alan Hovhaness Blue Job Mountain, Op. 340 (1986) Wayne Johnson, Piano Crystal Records - CD813 - (C*05) 23:49
Alan Hovhaness Orbit No. 1 (1952) Frederick Wilkins, Flute, Lucille Lawrence, Harp, William Masselos, Celeste, Morris Goldenberg and Joseph Castka, Percussion M-G-M - E3164 (LP) 24:02
Alan Hovhaness Sonata for Oboe and Bassoon, Op. 302 (1977) Jiri Sestak, Oboe, Libor Soukal, Bassoon OgreOgress - (C*22) 24:08
Alan Hovhaness Symphony No. 46 "To the Green Mountains, Op. 347 (1980) KBS Symphony Orchestra, Vakhtang Jordania, conductor Koch International Classics - 3-7208 24:20
Alan Hovhaness Island of Mysterious Bells, Op. 244 (1971) New York Harp Ensemble Golden Crest - CRS-4130 (LP) 24:51
Alan Hovhaness Three Odes of Solomon, Op. 5 (1937) Ara Berberian, Basso, Alan Hovhaness, Piano Crystal Records - CD815 - (C*05) 1:00
Alan Hovhaness Shatakh, Op. 73b (1947) Cristina Fong, Violin, Arved Ashby, Piano OgreOgress - no number - (C*22) 1:09
Alan Hovhaness Concerto No. 1 for Orchestra "Arevakal" (1951) Eastman-Rochester Symphony Orchestra, Howard Hanson, Conductor Mercury - MG50078 (LP) 1:17
Alan Hovhaness Sonata No. 2 for Trumpet and Organ, "To the Divine Fountain" (1981) Colby Cooman, Trumpet, Carson Cooman, Organ Private - 1:43
Alan Hovhaness Sharagan and Fugue (1945) M-G-M Brass Ensemble, Carlos Surinach, Conductor M-G-M - E3517 (LP) 1:55
Alan Hovhaness Processional and Fugue, Op. 76, No. 5 (1967) Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra, Kerry Stratton, Conductor Dorian - DOR-93166 2:01
Alan Hovhaness Lousadzak, Op. 48 (1945) Keith Jarrett, Piano, American Composers Orchestra, Dennis Russell Davies, Conductor Musicmasters - MMD 60204K 2:08
Alan Hovhaness Dance Ghazal (1931, rev. 1938) Marvin Rosen, Piano Koch International Classics - 3-7195-2 2:26
Alan Hovhaness October Mountain (1942) Manhattan Percussion Ensemble, Paul Price, conductor Urania - US 5134 (LP) 2:29
Alan Hovhaness Symphony No. 31, Op. 294 (1976-77) Northwest Sinfonia, Gerard Schwarz, Conductor Crystal Records - CD811 -  (C*05) 2:38
Alan Hovhaness Upon Enchanted Ground, Op. 90a (1951) Samuel Baron, Flute, Lucile Lawrence, Harp, Claus Adam, Cello, Elden Bailey, Tamtam, Alan Hovhaness, Conductor Columbia Records - ML 5179 (LP) 3:01
Alan Hovhaness Anahid (1944) Philharmonia Orchestra, David amos, Conductor Crystal Records - CD810 - (C*05) 3:06
Alan Hovhaness Sonata for Harpsichord, Op. 306 (1977) Jean Nandi, Harpsichord (Daughter of Alan Hovhaness) Other Minds - Recorded live on Feb. 25, 1978 at Saint John's Church, Berkely California 3:22
Alan Hovhaness Return and Rebuild the Desolate Places, Op. 213 (1944, rev. 1965) Gerard Schwarz, Trumpet, The North Jersey Wind Symphony, Keith Brion, Conductor Mace - MXX 9099 (LP) 3:47
Alan Hovhaness The Holy City, Op. 218 (1965) The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Arthur Bennett Lipkin, conductor, Elgar Howarth, Conductor CRI - CD 836 4:00
Alan Hovhaness Fantasy on an Ossetin Tune (1951) William Masselos, Piano M-G-M- E3160 (LP) 4:09
Alan Hovhaness Suite for Band, Op. 15 (1949) Rutgers Wind Ensemble, William Berz, Conductor Mark Masters - 8652-MCD 4:13
Alan Hovhaness Pagan Saint (1948) Ara Berberian, Basso, Alan Hovhaness, Piano Crystal Records - CD816 - (C*05) 4:26
Alan Hovhaness Symphony No. 6, "Celestial Gate" (1959) Polyphonia Orchestra, Alan Jovhaness, Conductor Crystal Records - CD807 - (C*05) 4:30
Alan Hovhaness Quartet No. 1 "Jupiter", Op. 8 (1936) The Shanghai Quartet Delos - DE 3162jj 4:51
Alan Hovhaness Shambala, Op. 228 (1969) Christina Fong, Violin, Gaurav Mazumdar, Sitar, Slovak Philharmonic, Rastislav Stur, Conductor OgreOgress - no number - (C*22) 5:02
Alan Hovhaness Madras Sonata,Op. 176 (1946 rev. 1960) Marvin Rosen, Piano Koch International Classics - 3-7288-2 5:50
Alan Hovhaness Sunrise (1964) Orchestra Conducted by Andre Kostelanetz Columbia Masterworks - M34537 - (LP) 6:01
Alan Hovhaness Komachi, Op. 240 (1971) Alan Hovhaness, Piano Fortuna - 17062-2 6:06
Alan Hovhaness Symphony No. 2, Mysterious Mountain, Op. 132 (1955) Leopold Stokowski and His Symphony Orchestra (Live at Carnegie Hall, September 25, 1958 Cala - CACD539 6:19
Alan Hovhaness Fra Angelico, Op. 220 (1967) Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Alan Hovhaness, Conductor Crystal Records - CD804 -(C*11) 6:42
Alan Hovhaness The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayam (1976) Douglas Fairvanks, Jr. Narrator, Carmen Carrozza, Accordion, Andre Kostelanetz, Conductor Columbie Masterworks - M34537 - (LP) 7:00
Alan Hovhaness Concerto No. 2 for Violin and String Orchestra, Op. 89a (1957) Anahid Ajemian, Violin, String Orchestra, Carlos Surinach, Conductor Heliodor - HS 25040 (LP) 7:17
Alan Hovhaness Psalm and Fugue (1940) The Philharmonia Orchestra, David Amos, Conductor Harmonia mundi - HMU 906012 7:43
Alan Hovhaness Sonata, "Fred the Cat", Op. 301 (1977) Marvin Rosen, Piano Koch International Classics - 3-7195-2 7:53
Alan Hovhaness From the End of the Earth, Op. 187 The Trinity Choir, Trinity church, Boston, Brian Jones, conductor, Michael Kleinschmidt, Organ Gothic - G 49245 - (G*05) 8:03
Alan Hovhaness Symphony no. 60, "To the Appalachian Mountains", Op. 396 (1985) Berlin Radio symphony Orchestra, Gerard Schwarz, conductor Naxos - 8.559294 8:08
Alan Hovhaness "Artik", Concerto for Horn and String Orchestra, Op. 78 (1948) Meir Rimon, Horn, Members of the Israel Philharmonic, David Amos, conductor Crystal Records - CD802 - (C*11) 8:42
Alan Hovhaness Yar nazani Siran Haroutunian, Soprano, Philip Mealey, Piano Private 9:02
Alan Hovhaness "Khaldis", Concerto for Piano, 4 Trumpets & Percussion (1951, rev. 1954) William Masselos, Piano, Ensemble conducted by Izler Solomon Heliodor - HS - 25027 9:06
Alan Hovhaness Lady of Light, Op. 227 (1968) Patricia Clark, Soprano, Leslie Fyson, Baritone, The Ambrosian Singers and Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Alan Hovhaness, conductor Crystal - CD806 - (C*05) 9:27
Alan Hovhaness Sonata Ananda, Op. 303 (1977) Alan Hovhaness, Piano (World Premiere Performance as Recorded on Feb. 25, 1978 at Saint John's Chruch in Berkely, California Other Minds Records 10:16
Alan Hovhaness Symphony No. 40, Op. 324 (1980) Interlochen Arts Academy String Orchestra, Brass and Timpani, Stephanie Arado, Solo Violin, Alan Hovhaness, Conductor Fujihara Record Company - FUJI 1004 (LP) 10:39
Alan Hovhaness Alleluia and Fugue, Op. 40b (1942) M-G-M Orchestra, Carlos Surinach, Conductor M-G-M Records - E3504 (LP) 11:02
Alan Hovhaness Symphony No. 19 "Vishnu", Op. 217 (1966) Sevan Philharmonic, Alan Hovhaness, Conductor Crystal Records - CD805 - (C*05) 11:13
Alan Hovhaness Concerto No. 3, "Diran" (The Religious Singer) Robin Dauer, horn, The Hendrix College, Chamber Orchestra, Karen Griebling, Conductor Centaur - CRC 2872 - (C*11) 11:47
Alan Hovhaness Mountain and Rivers Without End (1968) Manhattan Chamber Orchestra, Richard Auldon Clark, Conductor Koch International Classics - 3-7221-2 12:00
LARRY SOBOL - LIVE IN WPRB STUDIO - clarinetists and conductor
Alan Hovhaness Talin - For Clarinet And String Orchestra Lawrence Sobol, Clarinet, Orchestra Da Camera Di Roma, Nicholas Flagello, conductor Citadel - CTD 88107 12:40
Alan Hovhaness Discusses His Music and Performs Ghazal No. 1 October 10, 1975 Grenadilla - RGP 91009 13:00
Alan Hovhaness Saturn (1971) - final 5 Sections Lawrence Sobol, Clarinet, Lucy Shelton, soprano, Peter Basquin, Piano Grenadilla - RGP 91009 13:20
Alan Hovhaness Firdausi, Op. 252 (1972) Lawrence Sobol, Clarinet, Gloria Agostini, Harp, Neal Boyal, Percussion Grenadilla - GS-1008 13:50
Alan Hovhaness And God Created Great Whales (1970) Andre Kostelanetz and His Orchestra Columbia Masterworks - M34537 (LP) 14:30
Alan Hovhaness Saint Vartan Symphony, Symphony No. 9 (1949-50) National Philharmonic Orchestra of London, Alan Hovhaness, Conductor Crystal Records - CD802 14:45
Alan Hovhaness Pastorale No. 1 (1952) Şahan Arzruni, Piano Hearts of Space - HS11024-2 15:31
Alan Hovhaness Twelve Armenian Folk Songs Şahan Arzruni, Piano Hearts of Space - HS11024-2 15:50
Alan Hovhaness Suite, Op. 96 (1967) Şahan Arzruni, Piano Hearts of Space - HS11024-2 16:05
Alan Hovhaness Flute Player of the Armenian Mountains Ara Berberian, Bass, Şahan Arzruni, Piano Positively Armenian - PA 104 (LP) 16:19
Alan Hovhaness Achtamar (1948) Şahan Arzruni, Piano Heats of Space - HS11024-2 16:35
Alan Hovhaness Child in the Garden (1961) Şahan Arzruni and Alan Hovhaness, Piano Duo Hearts of Space - HS11024-2 16:40
Alan Hovhaness O Lord, Bless Thy Mountains, Op. 276 Joshua Pierce and Dorothy Jonas, Pianos American Festival of Microtonal Music 16:45
Alan Hovhaness Symphony No. 11, "All Men Are Brothers' (First 2 movements only due to technical difficulties) Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Alan Hovhaness, conductor Crystal Records - CD 801 - (C*05) 16:55
Alan Hovhaness Floating World (1964) Frost Symphony Orchestra, Chung Park, conductor Centaur - CRC 2954 - (C*11) 17:20
Alan Hovhaness Symphony No. 24, "Majnun", Op. 273 (1973) Martyn Hill, Tenor, John Wilbraham, Trumpet, Sidney Sax, Violin, National Philharmonic Orchestra of London, John Aldis Choir, Alan Hovhaness, conductor Crystal Records - CD803 - (C*05) 17:33
Alan Hovhaness Symphony No. 50 "Mount St. Helens", Op. 360 (1983) Seattle Symphony, Gerard Schwarz, conductor Delos - DE 3137 18:21
Alan Hovhaness Prayer of St. Gregory (1946) Wynton Marsalis, Trumpet, Anthony Newman, Organ Sony Classical - SK 60804 18:56

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