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Wednesday, January 27, 2006 - 6:00 to 11:00 AM
'' VOICES FROM HEAVEN '' - choral music from around the world

6:00am - 7:00am

Max Reger (Germany) - "Morgengesang" from "Acht geistliche Gesange, Op. 138 - Dresden Chamber Choir, Hans-Christoph Rademann, Conductor - Raum Klang - RK 9705 - (Q*01)
Max Reger - "Unser lieben Frauen Traum" from "Acht geistiche Gesange, Op. 138 - Dresden Chamber Choir, Hans-Christoph Rademann, Conductor - Raum Klang - RK 9705 - (Q*01)
St. John Koukouzelis (Greece) - Anagrammatismos for Theophany - Cappella Romana, Alexander Lingas, Conductor - Cappella Romana - The Metropolitan Museum of Art - No Number Given
R. Nathaniel Dett (USA/Canada)- Baptism - The Nathaniel Dett Chorale , Brainard Blyden-Taylor, Conductor - Marquis Classics - 7 774718 12932 1
Robert Delgado (Philipines) - Prayer of St. Francis - The Riga Chamber Choir, "Ave Sol", Imants Kokars, conductor - Timeless Recordings - No number given - (T*08)
Anon. 13th Cent. Italy - Lauda, "Voi che amate lo Criatore" - San Salvatore Chorale, Giovanni Bortoli, Conductor - Rivo Alto - CRR 9510
Marco Marazzoli (Italy) Cantata, "Oh! Ricetto di Riposo" - Cettina Cadelo, Maria Grazia Ferracini, Sopranos, Maria Minetto, Alto, Societa Cameristica di Lugano, Edwin Loehrer, Conductor - Nuova Era - 1011
Patricia Van Ness (USA) - "I Pray" from "The Voice of the Tenth Muse" - Coro Allegro , David Hodgkins, Conductor - Coro Allegro, Inc.
Ross Edwards (Australia) - Flower Songs - The Song Company and Friends, Roland Peelman, Conductor - Tall Poppies - TP064 - (A*01)

7:00am -8:00am

Ernst Toch (Germany) - Geographical Fugue - The Turtle Creek Chorale - Reference Recordings - RR-61CD - (R*02)
Charles Camilleri (Malta) - Requiem - Joyful Company of Singers, Peter Broadbent, Conductor - Unicorn-Kanchana - DKP 9157
Sister Marie Keyrouz (Lebanon) - "Magnificat" - L'Ensemble de la Paix - Harmonia mundi - HMC 901577 - (H*01)
Joep Franssens (Holland) - "Harmony of the Spheres" - Movement 1 - Netherlands Chamber Choir , Tonu Kaljuste, Conductor - CV (Composers Voice) - CV 133
Alan Hovhaness (USA) - David Wept for Slain Absalom - New Amsterdam Singers , Clara Longstreth, Conductor - Albany Records - TROY 108 - (A*01)
Eric Whitacre (USA, 1970-) - The Choral Project , Daniel Hughes, Robin Mayforth, Cynthia Baer, Violins, Aleanor Angel, Viola, Kris Yenney, Cello, Denise Owen, Soprano, Kevin Schieberl, Orator - Clarion - CLR909 - (A*01)
Jaakko Mantyjarvi (Finland) - "Pseudo-Yoik" - Accentus Chamber Choir, Eric Ericson, Conductor - Naive - V 4924 - (N*02)

8:00am -9:00am

Juan Gutierrez de Padilla (Mexico) - "Deus in Adiutorium" - The Rose Ensemble , Jordan Sramek, Conductor - The Rose Ensemble - Rose 00006 - (R*03)
Rihards Dubra (Latvia) - "Te Deum" for Choirs, 2 Percussionists, Soprano Saxophone, French Horn and Organ - Maris Sirmais, Conductor - Private, Lve Recording - No number given
Valentin Silvestrov (Ukraine) - "The Lord's Prayer" from "Diptych" - Latvian Radio Choir, Sigvards Klava, Conductor - GB Records - BCGBC07 - (A*07)
Ancient Chorale (Georgia) - Praise Be to God He is Risen" - Rustavi Choir , Ansor Erkomaishvili, Conductor - Sony Classical - SK 66823
Peter Louis Van Dijk (South Africa, 1953-) - "San Gloria" - National Symphony Orchestra and Chamber Choir of the South African Corporation, Richard Cock, Conductor - Marco Polo - 8.223832 - (N*02)
Parsegh Ganatchian (Armenia) - "Shousho" - Armenian State Radio and Television Chamber Choir, Tigran Hekekian, Conductor - Hamazkayin Music Committee - No number Given
Bara Grimsdottir (Iceland) - "Mary, maiden glorious" Hljomeyki Chamber Choir, Bernhardur Wilkinson, Conductor - Iceland Music Information Center - SMK23 - (I*03)

9:00am - 10:00am

Sylvie Bodorova Czech - Juda Maccabeus (Complete) - Gabriela Benackova, Soprano, Ales Briscein, Tenor, Ivan Kusnjer, Baritone, Eva Salzmannova, Otakar Brousek, Pavel Landovsky, David Prachar, Narrators, Prague Philharmonic Choir, Prague Children's Choir Arco Diva - UP 0065-2 - (A*05)

10:00am - 11:00am

Sylvie Bodorova - Juda Maccabeus (conclusion)
John Dunstable (England) - "Quam pulchra es" - Tonus Peregrinus , Antony Pitts, conductor - Naxos - 8.557341 - (N*02)
Antony Pitts (England) - "Amen" - Tonus Peregrinus, Antony Pitts, conductor - Hyperion - CDA67507 - (H*01)
Alan Hovhaness (USA) - "Make His Praise Glorious" from "Make a Joyful Noise" - Gloriae Dei Cantores , Elizabeth C. Patterson, Conductor - Gloria Dei Cantores - 025
Urmas Sisask (Estonia) - "Oremus" from "Gloria Patri" - Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir , Paul Hillier, Conductor - Harmonia mundi - HMU 907331 - (H*01)
Adolphus Hailstork (USA) - Nocturne - The McCullough Chorale, Donald McCullough, Conductor - Albany Records - TROY 156 - (A*01)

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(H*01)... Harmonia Mundi
(I*03)... Iceland Music Information Centre
(T*08)... Timeless Productions
(R*02)...Reference Recordings
(R*03)...The Rose Ensemble
(Q*01)...Qualiton Imports LTD

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