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Art: Nativity from Henry VIII - Book of Hours Wednesday, December 11, 2019 -  from 5:00 till 11:00am

Classical Discoveries will present its 23th Annual and the1st of its Christmas Trilogy:

Here is a list of some works which will be presented:
A Baby is born-Christmas Carol Suite for women's choir and string quartet by Polish composer, Miłosz Bembinow (1978- )
Christmas Past, Christmas Present
by English composer, Judith Bingham (1952- )
Martines de Navidad by Spanish composer, Jerónimo de Carrión (1660-1721)
Five Carols from Quem Quaeritis by Australian composer, Ross Edwards (1943- )
Symphony No. 49, Opus 356, "Christmas Symphony" by American composer, Alan Hovhaness (1911-2000)
The Legend of Christmas by Czech composer, Jaroslav Krček (1939- )
Three Carols by English composer, Steve Martland (1939- )
Bethleem from "Tres Dei Matris Symphoniae by Lithuanian composer, Onutė Narbutaitė (1956- )
Cantata "Christ is Born" by Latvian composer, Brigita Ritmane
Christmas Mass by Estonian composer, Urmas Sisask (1960- )
plus music by:
Girolamo Abos,
Christoph Bernhard,
Manuel Cardoso,
Andre Jolivet,
Tarquinio Merula

and others

Playlist and MP3 File
*(available after the broadcast till December 25, 2019)

listen  12/11/2019-05:00-06:00-Christmas Around the World
listen  12/11/2019-06:00-07:00-Christmas Around the World
listen  12/11/2019-07:00-08:00-Christmas Around the World
listen  12/11/2019-08:00-09:00-Christmas Around the World
listen  12/11/2019-09:10-10:00-Christmas Around the World
listen  12/11/2019-10:00-11:00-Christmas Around the World

Wednesday, December 11,  2019 - 5:00 - 11:00
Composer Work Performers label
air time
Castellano, Jennifer The Castle at Sunrise (Opening) Jennifer Castellano, Piano Castellano 5:00
Anonymous Christmas Carol (Czech) Let Us All Rejoice Now Musica Bohemica, Jaroslav Krcek, conductor Supraphon - 11 1417-2 5:01
Jerónimo de Carrión (Spain) Martines de Navidad Capilla Jeronimo de Carrion, Alicia Lazaro, conductor Verso - VRS 2008 5:05
Joiivet, Andre (France) Pastorales de Noel Jacques Castagner, flute, Gerard Faisandier, bassoon, Lily Laskine, harp Ades - 203492 5:21
Abos, Girolamo (Malta) Magnificat Kolner Akademie, Michael Alexander Wilens, conductor CPO - 777 978-2 5:35
Edwards, Ross (Australia) Five Carols from Quem Quaeritis Sydney Philharmonia Motet Choir, Antony Walker, conductor ABC Classics - 476 5791 5:48
Aleotti, Raphaella (Italy) Motet, "Angelus ad Pastores Cappella Artemisia, Candace Smith, conductor Tactus - TC 570101 6:01
Bingham, Judith(Great Britain) Christmas Past, Christmas Present David Jones, piano Toccata Classics - TOCC 0181 6:04
Ritmane, Brigita(Latvia) Cantata "Christ is Born" New York Latvian Concert Choir, Chamber Orchestra of the Latvian National Opera, Andrejs Jansons, conductor New York Latvian Concert Choir - NYLCC 001 6:17
Sebastian of Felsztyn (Poland) Alleluja, Ave Maria 7:43 The Nightingales of Poznan, Stefan Stuligrosz, conductor Jade - 45358-2 6:30
Bembinow, Miłosz (Poland) A Baby is born-Christmas Carol Suite for women's choir and string quartet Puellae Orantes, Quartet Dafo Dux - 0841 6:35
McDowall, Cecilia (Great Britain) Annunciation - A Carol for Advent Joyful Company of Singers, Peter Broadbent, conductor Dutton - CDLX 7197 7:03
Merula, Tarquinio(Italy) Hor che tempo di dormire Maria Cristina Kiehr, soprano, La Fenice Ricercar - 206562 7:10
Childs, David (New Zealand) O Magnum Mysterium Tower voices, New Zealand, Karen Grylls, conductor Morrison Music Trust - MMT2005 7:20
Pérotin (France) Alleluia Nativitas Jan Garbarek, soprano saxophone, The Hilliard Ensemble ECM New Series - 481 7971 7:25
Merula, Claudio(Italy) Ave Maria Laura Antonaz, Soprano, Quaoniam, Consort of Bassoons Tactus - TC 533802 7:32
Hovhaness, Alan (USA) Symphony No. 49, Opus 356, "Christmas Symphony" Northwest Sinfonia, Gerard Schwarz, conductor Crystal Records - CD811 7:37
Farkas, Ferenc (Hungary) Quittez, pasteurs Ascolta, Peter Broadbent, oconductor, Helen Smee, organ Toccata Classics - TOCC 0296 8:04
Bernhard, Christoph(Germany) Christmas Cantata Hellen Kwon, soprano, Hamburg Soloists, Emil Klein, conductor Arte Nova - 30504 8:07
Chatman, Steven (Canada) Shepherds, Rejoice!///Sterling Bells University of British Columbia singers, Bruce Pullan, conductor Centrediscs - CMC CD 15509 8:17
Krček, Jaroslav(Czech Republic) The Legend of Christmas Musica Bohemica, Jaroslav Krcek, Conductor Musica Bohemica - MB 001-2 8:23
Cordat, Natalis (France) Mortels, assamblez tous vos voix La Camera Dele Lacrime Alpha - 117 8:42
Cardoso, Manuel(Portugal) Magnificat on the 8th tone The Choir of Girton College, Cambridge, Historic Brass of the Royal Academy of Music, Gareth Wilson, conductor Toccata Classics - TOCC 0476 8:48
Michaelides, Peter (Greece/USA) Megalynarion for Christmas Cappella Romana, Alexander Lingas, conductor Valley Entertainment/Cappella Romana 8:59
Panufnik, Roxana (England) A Cradle Song Ex Cathedra, Jeffrey Skidmore, conductor Signum - 543 9:01
Anna Ovena, Hoyer (Holland) Two Dutch Carols Julie Hartwein, mezzo-soprano, The Ars Femina Ensemble Ars Femina 5:07
Urmas Sisask (Estonia) Christmas Mass Academic Male Choir of Tallinn Technical University, Mati Palm, baritone, Piret Aidulo, organ, Olev Aimonae, recorder, Juri Rent, conductor Antes Edition - BM-CD 31.9061 8:13
Kverno, Trond (Norway) Corpus Christi Carol The Dale Warland Singers, Dale Warland, conductor American Chirakl Catalogue 9:42
Steve Martland (England) Three Carols BBC Singers, Stephen Cleobury, conductor Signum Records 9:50
Cazzati, Maurizio (Italy) Alma Mater Redemptoris Maria Cristina Kiehr, soprano, La Fenice Ricercar - 206562 10:00
Body, Jack (New Zealand) Carol to St. Stephen National Youth Choir, Karen Grylls, conductor Manu - 1412 10:07
Rautavaara, Einojuhani (Finland) Our Joyful Feast Latvian Radio choir, Sigvards Klava, conductor Ondine - ODE 1223-2 10:16
Petko, P. Peter (Slovakia) Pastorellan de Nativitate Domine Nostri Jesu Christi Musica Aeterna, Peter Zajicek, conductor Opus - 91 2434-2 10:22
Twardowski, Romuald (Poland) Exultate Jubilate The "Collegium Cantorum" Choir of Czestochowa Philharmonic, Janusz Siadlak, conductor Dux - 1601 10:32
Narbutaitė, Onutė (Latvia) Bethleem from "Tres Dei Matris Symphoniae" Lithuanian National Symphony Orchestra, Kaunas State Choir, Aidija Chamber Choir, Robertas Servenikas, conductor Naxos - 8.572295 10:37
Farrell, David E (USA). Coventry_Carol (Bloop_Bleep, Bloop_Blay) Playground Ensemble, David Farrell, conductor David Farrell 10:56


Friday, December 13, 2019 -  from 6:00 till 9:00am

Classical Discoveries will present the 2ndt program of its Christmas Trilogy and the 14th Annual program devoted to music for the holiday season by American composers


Here is a list of some works and composers to be presented:
A Little Suite for Christmas, A.D. 1979 by George Crumb (1929- )
String Quartet No. 7 "Angels" by Gloria Coates (1938- )
The Carol of the Bells by Jeffrey Jacob (1948- )
O Magnum Mysterium by Frank LaRocca (1951- )
Three Nativity Carols by Stephen Paulus (1949-2014 )
Magnificat, Opus 72 by Arnold Rosner (1945-2013)
A Christmas Symphony by Walter Saul (1954- )
Willow from "Twelfth Night"by Frank James Staneck (1958- )
Hommage à Hendrix, Satriani, et Beck by Gregory T.S. Walker (1961- )

Playlist and MP3 File
*(available after the broadcast till December 27, 2019)

listen  12/13/2019-06:00-07:00-Christmas In America
listen  12/13/2019-07:00-08:00-Christmas In America
listen  12/13/2019-08:00-09:00-Christmas In America

Friday, December 13,  2019 - 6:00 - 9:00
Composer Work Performers label
air time
Castellano, Jennifer The Castle at Sunrise (Opening) Jennifer Castellano, Piano Castellano 6:00
Reese, Mona Lyn Toboggan Kiev Philharmonic, Chamber Choir Kiev, Robert Ian Winstin, conductor ERM Media - 6806 6:01
Jacob, Jeffrey The Carol of the Bells Jeffrey Jacob, piano, Moravian Philharmonic, Toshiyuki Shimada, conductor Vienna Modern Masters - VMM 3048 6:04
Paulus, Stephen Three Nativity Carols The New Concert Singers, Judith Clurman, conductor New World Records - 80592-2 6:15
Dunker, Amy What Cheer? Prague Radio Symphony, Kuhn Choir, Robert Ian Winstin, conductor ERM Media - ERM-6828 6:28
Saul. Walter Christmas Symphony National Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine, Theodore Kuchar, conductor Naxos - 8.559791 6:32
Schroeder, Carl Two December Carols Kiev Philharmonic, Chamber Choir Kiev, Robert Ian Winstin, conductor ERM Media - ERM-6806 6:52
Hovhaness, Alan Christmas Ode Benita Valente, soprano, Bamberg Symphony Orchestra, Alfredo antonini, conductor CRI - CD 836 6:58
Rogers, Wayland What Sweeter Music Chicago a cappella Cedille - CDR 90000 107 7:06
Staneck, Frank James Willow from Twelfth Night Greater South Jersey Chorus, Christopher Thomas, conductor private 7:14
LaRocca, Frank O Magnum Mysterium Artists Vocal Ensemble, Jonathan Dimmock, conductor Enharmonic - ENCD12-025 7:25
Higdon, Jennifer Love Came Down Essential Voices USA, Judith Clurman, conductor Sono Luminus - SLE-70003 7:33
Rosner, Arnold Magnificat, Op. 79 The Choir of the Cathedral Church of St. Paul, The Clarion Brass, David Amos, condiuctor Laurel Records - LR-849CD 7:38
Wadsworth, Zachary Gabriel's Message The Crossing, The Choir of St. Paul's Church, Chestnut Hill, Donald Nally, conductor Innova - 853 7:49
Crumb, George A Little Suite for Christmas, A.D. 1979 Pola Baytelman, piano Albany Records - TROY1410 8:00
Coates, Gloria String Quartet no. 7 "Angels" Kreutzer Quartet, Philip Adams, organ, Michael Finnissy, conductor Naxos - 8.559152 8:17
Walker, Gregory T.S. Global Solstice Gregory T.S. Walker, electric guitar, Boulder Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra Centaur - CRC 3294 8:34
Kline, Phil Hallelujah! Electronic Cantaloupe - CA21020 8:55


Art: Adoration by Shepards from Book of Hours, Bonaparte Ghislien- BL.MS.Yates Thompson 29f.15v Wednesday, December 18, 2019 from 5:00 till 11:00am

Classical Discoveries will present the 23th Annual and the 3rd program of its annual Christmas Trilogy


Lesser known music before 1750

Here is a list of some works which will be presented:
Anonymous Medieval Spain - Sibil-la Latine
Dialogo pastorale al Presepe di Nostro Signore by Italian composer, Giovanni Francesco Anerio (1567-1630)
Missa Quinti toni pour la fête de Noël by French composer, Sébastien de Brossard (1655-1730)
Cantata "Jauchzet dem Herren, alle Welt" by German composer, Nikolous Bruhns (1665-1697)
Cantata "La Pastorale" by Italian composer, Cristofaro Caresana (ca. 1640-1709)
Magnificat by English composer, Robert Jones (early 16th cent.)
Marienvesper by Swiss composer, Johann Melchior Gletle (1626-1683)
Cum Natus esset Jesus by Spanish composer, Cristobal de Morales (ca. 1500-1553)
Videte miraculum by English composer, Thomas Tallis (c. 1505-1585)
Cantata, "Mein Seel: erhebt den Herren" by German composer, Friederich Wilhelm Zachow (1663-1712)
plus music by:
Giacomo Carissimi,
Franciszek Lilius,
Samuel Scheidt,
Gaetano Maria Schiassi,
Jan Disma Zelenka

and others

Playlist and MP3 File
*(available after the broadcast till January 02, 2020)

Friday, December 20, 2019 from 5:00 till 9:00am


Lesser known music before 1750

Here is a list of some works which will be presented:

Program will be announced

Playlist and MP3 File
*(available after the broadcast till January 04, 2020)

Art: Nativity from Bedford Hours - Paris c.1410