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Detail of an historiated initial 'M' of St Nicholas passing gold through the window to the poor man and his three daughters; from Wauchier de Denain, Lives of the Saints, France (Paris), 2nd quarter of the 13th century, Royal MS 20 D. vi, f. 144r.

Wednesday, December 06, 2017 from 5:30 till 14:00*

This Wednesday is St. Nicholas Day so appropriately we will listen to excerpts from an anonymous Mass in his honor.

Here is a list of some works which will be presented:
Antique Violences, Concerto for Trumpet by American composer, John Mackey (1973- )
Three Arias (Sung out the window facing Mount Ararat) by Armenian composer, Tigran Mansurian (1939- )
Psyzygysm by New Zealand composer, John Psathas (1966- )
Among Angels by English composer, Will Todd (1970- )
Clarinet Concerto by Dutch composer, Theo Verbey (1959- )
plus music by: Jane Antonia Cornish, Alan Hovhaness, Komitas, Santa Ratniece, Mark Sylvester, and others

Between approximately 9:50 and 11:00 Classical Discoveries presents: BEETHOVEN WITH A TWIST - with guest, Linda Holt, author of The Black Spaniard, historical fiction about Beethoven. We will celebrate her recent book and Beethoven's birthday.

Why With A Twist? Since Classical Discoveries almost never airs 19th century music, the program will include works by contemporary composers inspired by this great master. Included will be music by: Mauricio Kagel, Jón Leifs, Karen Tanaka and Michael Torke.

* This week program will end at 2:00pm and will include music by the following composers: Chen Yi, George Crumb, Dorothee Eberhardt, Dorothy Hindman, Justė Janulytė, Gráinne Mulvey, Erkki-Sven Tüür and others

Playlist and MP3 File *(available after the broadcast till December 19, 2017)


  December - 06 - 2017  -  MP3
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listen  12/06/2017-09:00-09:50
listen  12/06/2017-09:50-11:00 - The first 2 talking segments have interference
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Wednesday, December 06, 2017 - 05:30 - 14:00
Composer Work Performers label air time
Castellano, Jennifer The Castle at Sunrise (Opening) Jennifer Castellano, Piano Castellano 5:00
Lann, Vanessa The Key to the Fourteenth Vision Benjamin Schmid, violin NM Classics - 92120 5:31
Ludovico Grossi da Viadana, Arr. Bruno Maderna 5 Sinfonias Orchestra della Svizzera Italiana, Dennis Russell Davies, conductor ECM New Series - 481 5034 5:34
Gach, Jay Anthony 3 Selections from "Rounds and Round Dances" Elitza Harbova & Tiziiano Leonardi, pianos Continuo - CR102 5:47
Nerses Shnorhali New Flower Tagaran (Ensemble of Early Music of Armenia), Ervand Erkanyan, conductor Melodiya - SUCD 10-00265 6:00
Komitas Seven Songs Lusine Grigorian, piano ECM New Series - 481 2556 6:04
Mansuriain, Tigran Three Arias (Sung out the window facing Mount Ararat) (2008) Kim Kashkashian, viola, Boston Modern Orchestra Project, Gil Rose, conductor ECM New Series - B0013257-02 6:12
Komitas Manushaki from Seven Dances Lusine Grigorian, piano ECM New Series - 481 2556 6:33
Hovhaness, Alan Concerto No. 3, Diran (The Religious Singer) Robin Dauer, horn, The Hendrix College Chamber Orchestra,, Karen Griebling, conductor Centaur - CRC 2872 6:37
Panufnik, Roxanna Kyrie after Byrd ORA, Suzi Digby, conductor Harmonia mundi - HMW 906102 6:48
Sylvester, Mark Trio Number 1 - for banjo, oboe & cello Mark Sylvester, banjo, Hanna Ryon, oboe, Matan Mintz, cello Zucca the Cat 6:54
Stradella, Alessandro Sinfonia in A minor, No. 9 Ensemble Arte Musica, Francesco Cera, conductor Brilliant Classics - 95142 7:05
Cowell, Henry Concerto Piccolo for piano and orchestra Stefan Litwin, piano, Radio Symphony Orchestra Saarbrucken, Michael Stern, conductor Col Legno - WWE 1CD 20064 7:11
Anonymous Middle Ages Selections from St. Nicholas Mass (Ex eius tumba//Oracio///Sainte Nicolas Godes druth/ La Reverdie and /Canto Gregoriani Arcana - A 72 7:26
Gorecki, Henryk Amen, Op. 35 Chicago Symphony Chorus, John Nelson, conductor Elektra Nonesuch - 9 79348-2 7:41
Mackey, John Antique Violences (2017) Justin Emerich, trumpet, Michigan State University Wind Symphony, Kevin L. Sedatole, conductor Blue Griffin Recording - BGR449 7:48
Ratniece, Santa El mirollo de l'arbore (2016) Ieva Ezeriete, soprano, Aigars Reinis, organ Skani - 055 8:12
Hamilton, David Karanga (2005) The Graduate Choir, New Zealand, Terence Maskill, conductor atoll - ACD407 8:21
Psathas, John Psyzygysm (2002) Pedro Carneiro, percussion, Stroma, Tim Prebble, conductor Rattle - RAT-D018 8:31
de Castro Robinson, Eve Other Echoes Auckland Philharmonia, Nicholas Braithwaite, conductor atoll - ACD 300 8:50
Cornish, Jane Antonia Scattered Light Hamilton Berry, cello Innova - 976 9:00
Cornish, Jane Antonia Elegia Anna Elashvili, violin, Saeunn Thorsteinsdottir, Caitlin Sullivan, Claire Bryant & Hanilton Berry, cellos Innova - 976 9:05
Verbey, Theo Clarinet Concerto (2005) Sjef Douwes, clarinet, Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra, Marcus Stenz, conductor Etcetera - KTC 1344 9:12
Todd, Will Among Angels (2006) Tenebrae, Nigel Short, conductor Signum - SIGCD298 9:34
10:00 - 11:00 - BEETHOVEN WITH A TWIST - Guest in WPRB studio - Linda Holt - writer

Linda Holt, author of The Black Spaniard, historical fiction about Beethoven
.Click this link to listen to the interview   
The first 2 talking segments have interference

Leifs, Jon Variations on a Theme by Ludwig van Beethoven, Op. 8 Iceland Symphony Orchestra, En Shao, conductor BIS - CD-930 9:55
Beethoven, Ludwig van Sonata in C-sharp minor "Moonlight" (First Movement) Margaret Leng Tan, toy pianos Point Music - 456 345-2 10:08
Tanaka, Karen At the Grave of Beethoven Brodsky Quartet Challenge Classics - CC772009 10:15
Torke, Michael Ash Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, David Zinman, conductor Ecstatic Records - ER092201 10:34
Kagel, Mauricio Selection from Ludwig Van ensemble Aeon - AECD 0311 10:56
Bunch, Kenji String Circle 1 (2005) String quartet "Ethel" Innova - 820 11:00
Janulyte, Juste Observation of Clouds (2012) Youth Choir, KAMER, Sinfonietta Riga, Normunds Sne, conductor Lithuanian Music Information and Publishing Centre - LMIPC CD 077 11:06
Eyck, Carolina Intermezzo No. 1 for Theremin and Piano (2014) Carolina Eyck, theremin, Christopher Tarnow, piano Genuin - GEN 15363 11:41
Ziporyn, Evan Drill (2002) Evan Ziporyn, bass clarinet, MIT Wind Symphony, Frederick Harris Jr. conductor Innova - 621 11:46
Body, Jack Tui, Korimako and Kokako Martin Setchell, organ atoll - ACD605 12:00
Tuur, Erkki Sven Piano Concerto (2006) Laura Mikkola, piano, Frankfurt Radio Symphony Orchestra, Paavo Jarvi, conductor ECM New Series - 481 0675 12:07
Stulginska, Agnieszka FGT (Flying Garbage Truck) (2012) LUX:NM Dux - DUX 0759 12:30
Crumb, George Yesteryear "A Vocalise for Mezzo-Soprano, Amplified Piano and Percussion (2005, rev. 2013) Tony Arnold, soprano, Marcantonio Barone, piano, David Nelson & William Kerrigan, percussion Bridge Records - 9476 12:40
Mulvey, Grainne Akanos (2006) Lithuanoian National Symphony Orchestra, Robertas Servenikas, conductor Navona Records - NV5943 12:51
Togawa, Yoichi Flower and Red (2011) Japanese Music Ensemble "Miyako Fuin"  Yoichi Togawa 13:02
Hindman, Dorothy Jerusalem Windows (2002) The Danilevsky Trio Innova - 965 13:15
Eberhardt, Dorothee Klaviertrio No. 4 (2010) SatoriEnsemble Antes Edition - BM319290 13:27
Chen Yi Septet for Erhu, Pipa, Percussion and Saxophone Quartet (2008) Prism Quartet & Music From China Innova - 767 13:39
Zappa, Frank G-Spot Tornado Ensemble Ambrosius BIS Northern Lights - NL-CD-5013 13:56
Links where to buy CD used in current show:
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