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Tuesday, November 20, 2018 from 7:00 till 11:00 and
Wednesday, November 21, 2018 from 5:00 till 11:00

Classical Discoveries will present it's 22th Annual program celebrating the Thanksgiving Holiday with music of composers of the American Continent, Music of Americas

Here is a list of some of the works which will be presented this Tuesday:
Viola Concerto (2012-2013) by Canadian composer, Tim Brady (1956- )
Gallimaufry (2015) by American composer, Rob Deemer (1970- )
Piano Concerto "Spiritualist" (after Three Paintings by Helen Frankenthaler) (2016) by American composer, Kenneth Fuchs (1956- )
Symphony no. 46 "To the Green Mountains" , Op. 347 by American composer, Alan Hovhaness (1911-2000)
Coastal Kaleidoscope for oboe and piano
(2013) by American composer, Alyssa Morris (1984- )
Concertino for flute, bassoon and strings by Brazilian composer, Mario Tavares (1928-2003)
plus music by:
Billy Childs,
Howard Hersh,
Edie Hill,
Robert Moran
Judith Shatin,
Elizabeth Varcoe

and others

12-20-2018 - Playlist and MP3 File *(available after the broadcast till December 05, 2018)

Here is a list of some of the works which will be presented this Wednesday:
Harmonia Mundi (2001) by American composer, David Crumb (1962- )
Symphony No. 11 "Retourner" (2017) by American composer, Barbara Harbach (1946- )
The Shaman: Concerto for Percussion and Orchestra (2011) by Canadian composer, Vincent Ho (1975- )
Into the Wonder by Canadian composer, Jordan Pal (1983- )
Concerto for Timpani and String Orchestra (2003) by Brazilian composer, Ney Rosauro (1952- )
Second Concerto for clarinet and orchestra (2008) by Colombian composer, Diego Vega
Talking Down the Tiger (2010) by Canadian composer, Andrew Staniland (1977- )
plius music by:
Eric Funk,
Scott McAllister,
Marjan Mozetich,
Gabriela Ortiz,
D.J. Sparr

12-21-2018 - Playlist and MP3 File *(available after the broadcast till December 05, 2018)


 November - 20 - 2018  -  MP3
listen  11/20/2018-07:00-08:00
listen  11/20/2018-08:00-09:00
listen  11/20/2018-09:00-10:00
listen  11/20/2018-10:00-11:00
Tuesday, November 20,  2018 - 07:00 - 11:00
air time
Castellano, Jennifer The Castle at Sunrise (Opening) Jennifer Castellano, Piano Castellano 7:00
Billings, William An Anthem, for Thanksgiving University of Michigan Chamber choir, Jerry Blackstone, conductor Equilibrium - EQ 142 7:01
Cowell, Henry Hymn, Chorale, and Fuguing Tune no. 8 for strings Northwest Chamber Orchestra Seattle, alun Frances, conductor CPO - 999 222-2 7:07
Tavares, Mario Concertino for flute, bassoon and strings Moacyr Lisera, flute, Noel Devos, bassoon, Chamber Orchestra of the MEC Radio, Roberto Schnorrenberg, conductor Soarmec Discos - SO16 7:17
Lopez Capillas, Francisco In Horrore Cappella Cervantina, Horacio Franco, conductor Forlane - 16773 7:32
Hovhaness, Alan Symphony No. 46 "To the Green Mountains", Op. 347 KBS Symphony Orchestra, Vakhtang jordania, conductor Koch International Classics - 3-7208 7:37
Perkinson, Coleridge-Taylor Movement for String Trio Sanford allen, violin, Jesse Levine, viola, Carter Brey, cello Cedille - CDR 90000 087 8:07
Morris, Alyssa Coastal Kaleidoscope Alyssa Morris, oboe, Elizabeth Darling, flute, Christina Haan, piano MSR Classics - MS 1668 8:12
Fuchs, Kenneth Piano Concerto "Spiritualist" Jeffrey Biegel, piano, London Symphony Orchestra, JoAnn Falletta, conductor Naxos - 8.559824 8:27
Gates, Matt The Phoenix Rising Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra, Vit Micka, conductor MMC Recordings - MMC2175  8:50
Moran, Robert 32 Cryptograms for Derek Jarman Sound Affairs Band Innova - 627 8:56
Sierra, Roberto A Joyous Overture Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra, Zdenek Macal, conductor Koss Classics - KC-1021 9:09
Hill, Edie The Fenix The Crossing, Donald Nally, conductor Navona Records - NV6073 9:14
Mellits, Marc Black Jeffrey Loeffert and Jonathan Nichol, saxophones Blue Griffin Recording - BG471 9:23
Brady, Tim Viola Concerto Jutta Puchhammer-Sedillot, viola, Symphony Nova Scotia, Bernhard Gueller, conductor Centrediscs - CMCCD 21515 9:29
Hersh, Howard Madam's Tavern Mary Rowell, violin Howard Hersh 9:51
Berry, Joseph Cruise Fantasia Ethel Thunderbird Records - ACD-71258 10:08
Deemer, Rob Gallimaufry Akropolis Reed quintet Innova - 969 10:14
Vercoe, Elizabeth Elegy for viola and piano Patricia McCarty, viola, Ellen Weckler, piano Navona Records - NV6196 10:26
Anonymous (from Archives of Mexico city Cathedral) Sonata in G minor Cappella Cervantina Forlane - 16773 10:35
Lizee, Nicole Jupiter Moon Menace Erik Hove, Steve Raegele, Alexandre Grogg, Miles Perkin, Ben Reimer Centrediscs (CMC CD 13508) 10:41
White, Dolores Blues dialogues for Solo Violin Rachel Barton Pine, violin Cedille - CDR 90000 182 10:48
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Navona Records


 November - 21 - 2018  -  MP3
listen  11/21/2018-05:00-06:00
listen  11/21/2018-06:00-07:00
listen  11/21/2018-07:00-08:00
listen  11/21/2018-08:00-09:00
listen  11/21/2018-09:00-10:00
listen  11/21/2018-10:00-11:00


Wednesday, November 21,  2018 - 05:00 - 11:00
air time
Castellano, Jennifer The Castle at Sunrise (Opening) Jennifer Castellano, Piano Castellano 7:00
Antheil, George Toccata No. 2 Judy Pang, piano Toccata Classics - TOCC 0447 5:01
Weinzweig, John Our Canada (Music for Radio No. 1) Symphonova Orchestra, Shelly Katz, conductor Centrediscs (CMC) - CMCCD 25618 5:04
Parra, Violetta Gracias a la Vida Lincoln Almada, harp Fra Bernardo - fb 1211132 5:17
Lawson, Dorothy Epic Soda Ethel Innova - 936 5:21
Harbach, Barbara Symphony No. 11 "Retourner" London Philharmonic Orchestra, David Angus, conductor MSR Classics - MS 1646 5:27
Padilla, Juan Gutierrez de Versa est in luctum Chanticleer, Joseph Jennings, conductor Teldec - 0927-48556-2 5:51
Williams, Amy Falling Amy Williams, piano Albany Records - TROY1415 5:55
Harrison, Lou Simfony #13 William Winant Percussion Group New Albion - NA122 6:00
Kuzmenko, Larysa Piano Concerto Christina Petrowska Quilico, piano, Toronto symphony Orchestra, Jukka-Pekka Saraste, conductor Centrediscs (Canadian Music Centre) - CMCCD 15610 6:12
Toensing, Richard Evening Prayers Erica Washburn, voice, New England conservatory Symphonic Winds, William Drury, conductor Albany Records - TROY1741 6:35
Vega, Diego Concerto Number 2 for clarinet and orchestra Javier Vinasco, clarinet, Eafit Symphony Orchestra, Cecilia A. Espinosa, conductor Orquesta Sinfonica Eafit 6:43
Jarvlepp, Jan Tarantella Mark Friedman, Electric Violin, Jan Jarvlepp, Electric Guitar J&W - CD 001 7:02
Pal, Jordan Into the Wonder Thunder Bay Symphony Orchestra, Arthur Post, conductor Analekta - AN 2 9521 7:06
Ortiz, Gabriela  Rio De Las Mariposas (River of Butterflies) Alison Bjorkedal & Allison Allport, harps, Lynn Vartan, steel drum Cambria - 1211 7:37
Mozetich, Marjan Flying Swans Elora Festival Singers, Noel Edison, conductor, John Marshman, cello, Stephen Pierre, clarinet Naxos - 8.572812 7:50
Montgomery, Jessie Strum Catalyst Quartet Azica - ACD-71302 8:03
McAllister, Scott Gone Namcy Ambrose King, oboe, Ann Arbor Camerata Equilibrium Recordings - EQ144 8:11
Gospel Song Sweet Hour of Prayer Anonymous 4 Harmonia mundi - HMU 907326 8:21
Ho, Vincent The Shaman: Concerto for Percussion and Orchestra Evelyn Glennie, percussion, Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra, Alexander Mickelthwate, conductor Centrediscs (Canadian Music Centre) - CMCCD 24317 8:24
Daley, Eleanor Prayer for Peace Amadeus Choir, Bach Children's Chorus, Bach Chamber Youth Choir, Eleanor Daley, organ Centrediscs (Canadian Music Centre) - CMCCD 21915 8:58
Cruz, Juanna Ines de la Tocotin Linda De Rungs,Ars Femina Nannerl Recordings 9:08
Sparr, D.J. Woodlawn Drive New Music Raleigh, Timothy Myers, conductor Centaur - CRC 3316 9:11
Crumb, David Harmonia Mundi Quattro Mani (Susan Grace, Alice Rybak, pianos), David Colson and John Kinzie, percussion Innova - 603 9:23
Funk, Eric Lidice Czech Radio Symphony Orchestra, Vladimir Valek, conductor MMC - MMC2033 9:41
Staniland, Andrew Talking Down the Tiger Ryan Scott, percussion Naxos - 8.573428 9:53
Roumain, Daniel Bernard Filter for Unaccompanied Violin Rachel Barton Pine, violin Cedille - CDR 90000 182 10:11
Tucker, Tui St. George Happy Birthday, Dear Krzysztof Ralph Zeitland, recorder and conductor of ensemble Centaur - CRC 2354 10:16
Ballard, Louis W. Four American Indian Piano Preludes Emanuele Arciuli, piano Innova - 255 10:23
Rosauro, Ney Concerto for Timpani and String Orchestra Roland Hardtner, timpani,Southwest German Chamber Orchestra, Pforzheim, Timo Handschuh, conductor Profil/Hanssler - PHI7070 10:31
Gospel Song Shall We Gather at the River Anonymous 4 HMU 907326 10:52
Psalm Tune Amanda Anonymous 4` HMU 907326 10:57
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