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Please note that this program is on Thursday only for this week due to the Yom Kippur holiday on Wednesday. I want to thank the Thursday morning DJ's, Sam and Mickey for switching with me. Their shows will be on Wednesday.

Thursday, October 10, 2019 from 5:00 till 11:00

Whole program will be devoted to music by Armenian composers and music inspired by Armenia. sical Discoveries will observe the 150th birthday of Soghomon Soghomonian, commonly known as Komitas (October 8, 1869 – 22 October 1935). He is an Armenian priest, musicologist, composer, arranger, singer, and choirmaster, who is considered to be the founder of the Armenian national school of music and one of the pioneers of ethnomusicology.

Other programs of music from Asia.


Here is a list of some works which will be presented:
Oratorio In Memory of the Victims of the Armenian Genocide 1915 by Armenian composer, Khachatur Avetisyan (1926-1996)
"Artik", Concerto for horn and string orchestra, Op. 78 by American composer, Alan Hovhaness (1911-2000)
Sonata in G minor for violin and piano, Op. 1 by Armenian composer, Karen Khachaturian (1920-2011)
The Divine Liturgy (excerpts) by Armenian composer, Komitas (1869-1935)
Six Dances for piano by Komitas
Armenian Requiem, Op. 66 (selections from part 2) by American composer, Ian Krouse (1956- )
Requiem (Dedicatd to the memory of the victims of the Armenian Genocide) by Armenian composer, Tigran Mansurian (1939- )
Poem Epitaph (in memory of Aram Khachaturian) by Armenian composer, Edvard Mik'aeli Mirzoyan (1921-2012)
Symphony No. 2 by Armenian composer, Avet Terterian (1929-1994)
Passacaglia, Recitative and Fugue (a concerto for piano and orchestra) by American composer, Richard Yardumian (1917-1985)
plus music by:
Eve Beglairian,
Gayaneh Chebotarian,
Dianne Goolkasian Rahbee,
Sirvart Karamanuk

and others

Playlist and MP3 File *(available after the broadcast till October 24, 2019)


 October - 10 - 2019  -  MP3
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Wednesday, October 10,  2019 - 05:00 - 11:00
Other programs of music from Asia.

Composer Work Performers label
air time
Castellano, Jennifer The Castle at Sunrise (Opening) Jennifer Castellano, Piano Castellano
Komitas Through the Mountains The Yerevan Chamber Choir, Harutyun Topikyan, conductor American Recording Productions - ARP024 5:01
Khachaturian, Karen Sonata in G minor for violin and piano, Op. 1 Alexei Mikhlin, violin, Ciala Kvernadze, piano Art & Electronics - AED-10143 5:07
Komitas 12 Children's Pieces Zemphira Barseghian, piano MEG Recordings - MEG004 5:25
Mirzoyan, Edvard Poem Epitaph (In Memory of Aram Khachaturian) St. Petersburg Chamber Ensemble, Roland Melia, conductor ASV - DCA 916 5:34
Karamanuk, Sirvart Spring Kazaz Artin Amira Chorus, Hovhaness Mirzoyan, music director Kalan - SP 032 5:46
Karamanuk, Sirvart My Beloved Kazaz Artin Amira Chorus, Hovhaness Mirzoyan, music director Kalan - SP 032 5:49
Khosrovidukht It is wondrous to me Sharakan Early Music Ensemble, Grigor Danielian, conductor Celestial Harmonies - 13116-2 5:53
Tjeknavorian, Loris Danse Lyrique from "Danses Fantastiques" Armenian Philharmonic Orchestra, Loris Tjeknavorian, conductor ASV - DCA 884 6:01
Chebotarian, Gayaneh Piano Trio The KMW Trio dB Productions - dBCD168 6:05
Yardumian, Richard Dance Vera Yardumian, piano Vantage Records - VCD-6299 6:13
Yardumian, Richard Passacaglia, Recitatives and Fugue (a concerto for piano and orchestra) John Ogden, piano, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Igor Buketoff, conductor RCA (LP) - LSC-3243 6:16
Krouse, Ian Final 4 section of the Armenian Requiem, Op. 66 Lark Master singers, UCLA Philharmonia, Neal Stulberg, conductor Naxos - 8.559846 6:34
Apcar, Amy Selections from "Divine Liturgy" Narek Bell choir of St. Mary (Washington DC) Narek Bell Choir 6:54
Komitas Groung Lousine Zakarian, soprano Hollywood Music Center - HMC 1198 7:03
Komitas Six Dances for Piano Alan Hovhaness, piano Poseidon Society - 007 (LP) 7:08
ahbee, Dianne Goolkasian Rhapsodie, Op. 80 "Urartu" for piano and orchestra Diane Andersen, piano, Matav Hungarian Symphony Orchestra, David Alexander Rahbee, conductor Recital - RCP 056 7:25
Avetisyan, Khachatur Oratorio in Memory of the Victims of the Armenian Genocide 1915 The Ensemble of National Instruments of the Armenian National Radio, The Chamber Music choir of the Armenian Natiional Radio, Arax Mansourian, soprano, Arzas Voskkanian, tenor Narek.com records - NCR-1433 7:33
Yekmalian, Makar Holy, Holy Chamber Choir of the Gostelradio of Armenia, Tigran Ekekian, artistic director Art & Electronics - AED-10483 8:12
Hovhaness, Alan "Artik", Concerto for horn and string orchestra, Op. 78 Meir Rimon, horn, Members of the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, David Amos, conductor Crystal Records - CD802 8:19
Narekatsi, Grigor Havun Havun Lousine Zakarian, soprano, Armenian Chamber Orchestra, Zareh Sahakiants, conductor OCTA Records - OCD002 8:38
Komitas "Shoror" Dance of Mush The Gurdjieff Ensemble, Levon Eskenian, conductor ECM - 2451 8:43
Komitas Selections from "Divine Liturgy" The Camerata Singers, Male Choir, Alan Hovhaness, conductor Diocesan Records - DR-631 8:56
Ikilikian, Arshak Concerto for piano and string orchestra Nairy Grigorian, piano, Armenian National Radio Symphony Orchestra, Gevork Muradian, conductor Dacapo Records - 8.224181 9:18
Beglarian, Eve I will not be sad in this world Maya Martin, flute Naxos - 8.559629 9:32
Terterian, Avet Symphony No. 2 Chorus of Choir Society of Armenia, State Symphony Orchestra of Armenia, Karo Chalikian, voice, David Khandjian, conductor Vahan Ahyan - NABP-057 9:39
Gurdjieff, Georges I. Armenian Song The Gurdjieff Folk Instruments Ensemble, Levon Eskenian, conductor ECM - 2236 9:57
Komitas Gutan yerg Sung by Komitas (recorded in 1912) Traditional Crossroads - CD 4275  10:02
Mansurian, Tigran Requiem (Dedicated to the memory of the victims of the Armenian Genocide) Anja Petersen, soprano, Andrewrew Redmond, baritone, RIAS Kammerchor, Munich Chamber Orchestra, Alexander Liebreich, conductor ECM New Series - 481 4101 10:06
Komitas Surb,surb Hilliard Ensemble, Jan Garbarek, saxophone ECM New Series - B0014664-02 10:53