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5:30 - 11:00am

Wednesday September 13, 2017 from 5:30 till 11:00

From 8:30 till 11:00am Classical Discoveries will pay tribute to the late Halim Abdul Messieh El-Dabh (03/04/1921 - 09/02/2017), an Egyptian born American composer, musician, ethnomusicologist, educator and an early pioneer of electronic music.

Your will hear the following compositions: Clytemnestra Suite, Osmo-Symbiotic for two pianos (from the archive of Halim El-Dabh), The Pomegranate Concerto for alto saxophone and strings, Thulathia for oboe, violin and piano (from the archive of Halim El-Dabh) plus many others

   Ghawazee of Cairo by Orientalist David Roberts

Here is a list of some other works which will be presented:
A Farmer's Symphony by Canadian composer, John Estacio (1966- )
A llusions for 2 solo violins and strings by English composer, Paul Patterson (1947- )
Mass of Guðbrandur by Hildigunnur Rúnarsdóttir (1964- )
Cairo Flute Concerto by American composer, Laurel Zucker (1955- )
plus music by:
Frank Horvat,
Bun-Ching Lam,
Raminta Šerkšnytė,
Mira Warshauer

and others

Playlist and MP3 File *(available after the broadcast till September 27, 2017)


  September - 13 - 2017  -  MP3
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Wednesday, September 13,  2017 - 05:30 - 11:00
Composer Work Performers label air time
Castellano, Jennifer The Castle at Sunrise (Opening) Jennifer Castellano, Piano Castellano 5:30
Spinei, Cristina Mahler Remixed New York Piano Quartet Ulrich Audio Visual - UAV-5998 5:31
Patterson, Paul Allusions for 2 solo violiins and strings Retorica (Harriet MacKenzie & Philippa Mo, violins), English String Orchestra, Kenneth Woods, conductor Nimbus Alliance - NI 6295 5:36
Ryan, Jeffrey Magpie Yoko Hirota, piano Centrediscs - CMCCD 23417 5:58
Estacio, John A Farmer's Symphony Edmonton Symphony Orchestra, Mario Bernardi, conductor CBC Records - SMCD 5232 6:01
Jacopo Da Bologna Per sparverare La Reverdie Arcana - A 327 6:21
Yen, Ming-Hsiu Kuang Tsao Alice Jones, flute, Mirna Lekic, piano Romeo Records - 7320 6:26
Beck, Jeremy Serenade Brno Philharmonic Orchestra, Mikel Toms, conductor Ablaze Records - ar-00033 6:35
Warshauer, Meira Akhat Sha'Alti (One Thing I Ask) Scola Cantorum Coralina, Alina Orraca, conductor Ansonica - AR0005 6:41
Horvat, Frank Crossroads Where I Stand Frank Horvat, piano I Am Who I Am Records - LTLP07 6:50
Horvat, Frank Me Jamie Thompson, flute, Gregory Millar, piano I Am Who I Am Records - LTLP05 6:54
Johannsson, Johann A Pile of Dust from "Orphee" AIR Lyndhurst string orchestra, Anthony Weeden, conductor, Johann Johannsson, electronics Deutsche Grammophon - 479 6021 7:01
Runarsdottir, Hildigunnur Gudbrandsmessa Langhold Church Choir and Soloistsm Langholt Church Chamber Orchestra, Jon Stefansson, conductor ITM - 910 7:07
Sodeika, Gintaras Tone Ontology Ruta Ibelhauptiene and Zbignevas Ibelhauptas, pianos Lithuanian Music Information and Publishing Centre - LMIPCCD 008 7:57
Serksnyte, Raminta Aurei Regina Caeli Vilnius City Municipal Choir, Vaclovas Augustinas, conductor Jauna Muzika - JM-CD-001 8:05
Zucker, Laurel Cairo Flute Concerto Laurel Zucker, flute, string ensemble Cantilena Records  8:20
HALIM EL-DABH -(03/04/1921 - 09/02/2017)
El-Dabh, Halim Coma Dance  William Chapman Nyaho, piano MSR Classics - MS 1242 8:33
El-Dabh, Halim The Pomegranate Concerto Greg Banaszak, saxophone, Hausmann String Quartet, Bryan Thomas, bass Halim El-Dabh Music 8:40
El-Dabh, Halim Thulathia David Badagnani, oboe, Jocob Murphy, violin, Tuyen Tonnu, piano from Archive of Halim El-Dabh 8:55
El-Dabh, Halim Tabla Dance Halim El-Dabh, percussion, Toyen Tonnu, piano Halim El-Dabh Music 9:05
El-Dabh, Halim Ceremonial Pattening for Death & Resurrection Kent State University Bassoon Ensemble, David DeBolt, conductor Halim El-Dabh Music 9:13
El-Dabh, Halim Shall Myrna Capp, piano Halim El-Dabh Music 9:23
El-Dabh, Halim Clytemnestra Suite Members of New England Conservatory, Nathaniel Chase, conductor Halim El-Dabh Music 9:25
El-Dabh, Halim "Bachanalia" from Clytemnestra South Shore Orchestra, Troy Webdell, conductor South Shore Orchestra (recorded in 2011) 9:54
El-Dabh, Halim Sayara from "Mekta in the Art of Kita" Joel Fan, piano Reference Recordings - RR-106 9:59
El-Dabh, Halim Aria for Strings Hausmann String Quartet Halim El-Dabh Music 10:02
El-Dabh, Halim Osmo-Symbiotic Donna Lee and Tuyen Tonnu, pianos from Archive of Halim El-Dabh 10:05
El-Dabh, Halim Trois Themes Pharaonique South Shore Orchestra, Troy Webdell, conductor South Shore Orchestra (recorded in 2011) 10:21
El-Dabh, Halim Arabi-yaat No. 3 Halim El-Dabh, piano Halim El-Dabh Music 10:28
El-Dabh, Halim Conversations with Theremin Halim El-Dabh, theremin Halim El-Dabh Music 10:34
El-Dabh, Halim Wire Recorder Piece (Expression of Zar) electronic Halim El-Dabh Music 10:39
El-Dabh, Halim Leila and the Poet Columbia Princeton Electronic Music Center Sony Classical - 88843 03268 2 10:42
El-Dabh, Halim Improvisations Halim El-Dabh, piano Halim El-Dabh Music 10:48
El-Dabh, Halim Egyptian Calypso Flash in the Pan Steel Band Halim El-Dabh Music 10:56
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