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In observance of the Labor Day holiday and the final summer shows of the summer, Classical Discoveries presents: AMERICAN MUSIC FESTIVAL

Tuesday, August 31, 2021 from 7:00 till 10:00am
Wednesday, September 01, 2021 from 7:00 till 10:00am

Tuesday, August 31, 2021 from 7:00 till 10:00

Playlist and MP3 File
*(available after the broadcast for 2 weeks)


Here is a list of some of the works and composers to be presented:
Awatovi for oboe bassoon and piano (2012) by Daniel Baldwin (1978- )
Night Forest for Native American flute and orchestra by Nancy Bloomer Deussen (1932-2019)
Duo in One Movement for violin and piano (2015) by Kenneth Fuchs (1956- )
Komachi for piano, Op. 240 by Alan Hovhaness (1911-2000)
PHOENIX for orchestra (2007) by Dan Locklair (1949- )
Left of Winter for orchestra (2014) by Beth Mehocic (1953- )
Northern Flicker for percussion (2012) by Mathew Rosenblum (1954- )
Symphony No. 4 (2013) by Christopher Rouse (1949-2019)
Day Tripping for violin, cello and piano (2016) by Clare Shore (1954- )
Synconata for jazz orchestra by Leo Sowerby (1895-1968)
Alleluia for choir (2017) by Kile Smith (1956- )
With Malace Toward None for string quartet and electric violin (2020) by James Kimo Williams (1950- )
and others as time permits

Here is a list of some of the works and composers to be presented:
Fractals for bassoon and piano by Elizabeth Alexander (1962- )
Minnesota Swale for orchestra by Beth Anderson (1950- )
No Time by Doug Bielmeier
Hymn Chorale, and Fuguing Tune No. 8 for strings by Henry Cowell (1897-1965)
Ahab for baritone and piano (2020) by Julianna Hall (1958- )
Rain Chain for vibraphone (2012) by Kristin Kuster (1973- )
Still Life with Avalanche for chamber ensemble (2008) by Missy Mazzoli (1980- )
Wellen der Stille (Waves of Silence) for chamber orchestra (2020) by Robert Moran (1937- ) - FIRST AMERICAN BROADCAST
Tempre Diritto! for orchestra by Paul Moravec (1957- )
Ulysses at the Gate for instrumental ensemble by Harry Partch (1901-1974)
Whole-Tone Studies for piano (2007) by Carlton Wilkinson
Bonzai Down for orchestra (2017) by Bill Whitley
and others as time permits

Wednesday, September 01, 2021 from 7:00 till 10:00

Playlist and MP3 File
*(available after the broadcast for 2 weeks)

 August 31 - 2021  -  MP3
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listen  08/31/2021-07:00-08:30
listen  08/31/2021-08:30-10:00

Tuesday, August 31, 2021 - 07:00 - 10:00
American Music Festival - Part 1
air time
Composer Work Performers
Castellano, Jennifer The Castle at Sunrise (Opening) Jennifer Castellano, Piano
7:02 Wheldon, Roy                          Fugue-State #1 American Baroque New Albion - NA072CD
7:10 Locklair, Dan                          Phoenix Kirk Trevor: Slovak National Symphony Orchestra Naxos - 8.559860
7:21 Ballard, Louis W.                 The Osage Variation Emanuele Arciuli, piano Innova - 255
7:27 Hill, Edie                                 We Bloomed In Spring Donald Nally: The Crossing Navona - NV6073
7:31 Kolb Barbara                         Toccata Igor Kipnis, harpsichord CRI - CD 576
7:37 Bloomer Deussen, Nancy         Night Forest James Pellerite, Native American flute, Moravian Philharmonic Albany Records - TROY893
7:48 Sowerby, Leo                         Synconata Andy Baker Orchestra, Andrew Baker, conductor Cedille Records - CDR 90000 205
8:01 Queen Lili'uokalani                   He Mele Lahui Hawaii The Rose Ensemble The Rose Ensemble
8:05 Baldwin, Daniel                         Awatovi             The Iowa Ensemble MSR Classics - MS 1597
8:17 Hovhaness, Alan                 Komachi, Op. 240 Alan Hovhaness, piano Fortuna - 17062-2
8:29 Salerni, Paul                         Bad Pets: Alley Cat Love Song Bowers Fader Duo Bridge Records - 9559
8:34 Rouse, Christopher                   Symphony No. 4. New York Philharmonic Orchestra, Alan Gilbert, Conductor Dacapo Records - 8.226110
8:58 Fuchs, Kenneth               Duo for Violin and Piano Julie Rosenfeld, Peter Miyamoto Allbany Records - TROY1717
9:08 Mehocic, Beth                       Left Of Winter For Orchestra Janáček Philharmonic Orchestra | Jiří Petrdlík, Conductor Navona Records - NV6232
9:16 Williams, Kimo                       With Malice Toward None Apollo Chamber Players, Tracy Silverman, electric violin Azica - 71340
9:31 Smith, Kile                       Alleluia Cincinnati Vocal Arts Ensemble, Craig Hella Johnson Fanfare Cincinnati - FC-014
9:39 Shore, Clare                         Day Tripping     Trio Casals | Sylvia Ahramjian, Violin; Ovidiu Marinescu, Cello; Anna Kislitsyna, Piano Navona Records - NV623 7
9:46 Rosenblum, Mathew                   Northern Flicker Lisa Pegher, percussion New Focus Recordings - FCR219
9:55 Pamela Z                                 Typewriter Pamela Z Neuma - 143


 September 01 - 2021 -  MP3
  Firefox does not work with the mp3 audio files at least for now. The tapes are cut off. Please for now, use other browsers.
listen  09/01/2021-07:00-08:30
listen  09/01/2021-08:30-10:00

Wednesday, September 01, 2021 - 07:00 - 10:00
American Music Festival - Part 2
air time
Composer Work Performers
Castellano, Jennifer The Castle at Sunrise (Opening) Jennifer Castellano, Piano
7:01 Brant, Henry                                     Music for a Five and Dime Store Vera Beths, Reinbert De Leeuw, Henry Brant Innova - 415
7:06 Cowell, Henry                                   Hymn, Chorale, and Fuguing Tune #8 for Strings Alun Francis: Northwest Chamber Orchestra Of Seattle CPO - 999 222-2
7:16 Taylor, Helen                                 Fugue In C Minor Grant Johannesen, piano Tantara - TCD-0507DHT2-HS
7:19 Whitley, Bill                                   Bonzai Down Athens Philharmonia Orchestra | Michalis Economou, Conductor Navona - NV6251
7:33 Jankowski, Loretta                           Tocatella Lisa Verzella, trumpet, Ricklen Nobis, piano L&V Records
7:36 Wilkinson, Carlton                           Whole Tone Studies Carlton Wilkinson, piano Carlton Wilkinson
7:51 Alexander, Elizabeth                     Fractals for Bassoon and Piano (Premiere Recording) Christin Schillinger, Jed Moss MSR Classics - MS 1439
8:04 Chen Yi Happy Birthday to PRISM PRISM Quartet Innova - 800
8:06 Anderson, Beth                                   Minnesota Swale Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra, Joel Eric Suben, conductor Opus One - CD 156
8:17 Hall, Juliana                              AHAB-[monodrama]-commercial-recording-as-part-of-video-album-CALL-OUT Zachary James, bass baritone, Charity Wicks, piano Commercial Recording as part of video album "Call Out"
8:28 Hardin, Louis. A.K.A. Moondog / Arr MacGregor : Rabbit Hop Joanna MacGregor, Britten Sinfonia Sound Circus - 2564 68437-4
8:33 Mazzoli, Missy                               Still Life With Avalanche Eighth Blackbird Cedille - CDR 90000 133
8:43 Moravec, Paul                                 Sempre Diritto! Boston Modern Orchestra Project, Gil Rose BMOP/sound - 1024
8:58 Partch, Harry                                 Ulysses At The Edge Gate 5 Ensemble New World Records - 80621-2
9:07 Moran, Robert                             Wellen der Stille (Waves of Silence) Bavarian Radio Orchestra, Rupert Huber from premiere performance (2020)
9:35 Bielmeier, Doug                     No Time Doug Bielmeier Albany Records - TROY1860
9:44 Kuster, Kristin                                 Rain Chain Dan Piccolo, vibraphone Equilibrium - EQ 155
9:53 Zappa, Frank                                     Sofa Ensemble Ambrosius BIS Northern Lights - BIS-NL-CD-5013