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Treasures of Early Music
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This is the final program of the summer series.

On September 02, WPRB is holding special Labor Day programming.

Monday, August 26, 2019 from 5:00 till 11:00


Art: A Glaring Cats Making Music, Lombard School c.1700

Here is a list of some of the works which will be presented during this week's program:
From the Codex Calixtinus (12th century manuscript belonging to the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela) Anonymous,
Missa Te Deum by Polish composer, Krzysztof Borek (?-ca. 1570)
Suite from Omphale by French composer, André Cardinal Destouches (1672-1749)
Sonata for violin and continuo in D Major by Italian composer, Giuseppe Fanfani (?-ca. 1757)
Vespers by Italian composer, Amadio Freddi (c. 1580-1643) - due to be released on the Resonus label on August 30, 2019
Mass No. 12 in D by German composer, Johann David Heinichen (1683-1729)
Virgo Prudentissima by Franco-Flemish composer, Heinrich Isaac (c.1450-1517)
Suite No. 9 in G minor for harpsichord by German composer, Johann Mattheson (1681-1764)
Verbum bonum et suave by French composer, Jean Mouton (c. 1459-1522)
Lamentationes Jeremiae Feria VI by Spanish composer, Francisco de Peñalosa(1470-1528)
Missa Sancta Maria Magdalenae by Italian composer, Giovanni Felice Sances (1600-1679)
plus music by:
Johann Baal,
Heinrich Schütz,
Antonio Maria Montanari,
Jacob Obrecht

plus more

Playlist and MP3 File *(available after the broadcast till September 11, 2019)


August - 26 - 2019  -  MP3
listen  08/26/2019-05:00-06:00-Treasures of Early Music
listen  08/26/2019-06:00-07:00-Treasures of Early Music
listen  08/26/2019-07:00-08:00-Treasures of Early Music
listen  08/26/2019-08:00-09:00-Treasures of Early Music
listen  08/26/2019-09:00-10:00-Treasures of Early Music
listen  08/26/2019-10:00-11:00-Treasures of Early Music


Monday, August 26, 2019  -  5:00 - 11:00
Composer Work Performers label
air time
Castellano, Jennifer Gloria Classical Discoveries Early Music Specials opening theme - Electronic Private
Kerll, Johann Kaspar Canzona a 3 Johann Rosenmuller Ensemble Christophorus - CHR 77358 5:01
Mattheson, Johann Ninth Suite in G minor Cristiano Holtz, harpsichord Ramee - 0605 5:07
Anonymous from Codex Calixtinus Hymnus: Felix per omnes dei plebs Ensemble Organum, Marcel Peres, conductor Ambroisie - AMB 9966 5:24
Destouches, Andre Cardinal Orchestral Suite from Omphale Ensemble Baroque de Limoges, Jean-Michel Hasler, conductor Ades - 14.178-2 5:35
Stradella, Alessandro Sinfonia in C No. 1 Ensemble Arte Musica, Francesco Cera, conductor Brilliant Classics - 95142 6:01
Badalla, Rosa Giacinta Pane angelico Earthly Angels Alba - ABCD 426 6:07
Anonymous 17th Century Milan Confitemini Domino Le Poeme Harmonique, Vincent Dumestre, conductor Alpha - 039 6:15
Jarzebski, Adam Canzona III Weser Renaissance-Bremen, Manfred Cordes, conductor CPO - 777 772-2 6:31
Borek, Krzysztof Missa Te Deum The Gorczycki Sarmatian Choir, Robert Pozarski, conductor DUX - 1549 6:35
Waclaw z Szamotul Ego sum pastor bonus Cracow Singers, Agnieszka Budzinska-Bennett, conductor Raum Klang - RK3801 6:58
Ghiselin, Johannes Bassedanze "La Spagna" Brisk Recorder Quartet Amsterdam Globe - GLO 5250 7:03
Schutz, Heinrich Von Gott will ich nicht lassen from Symphoniae Sacrae Vol. 2 Musica Fiata, La Capella Ducale, Roland wilson, conductor Sony Classical/Vivarte - S2K 68261 7:07
Mouton, Jean Motet, "Verbum bonum et suave" The Brabant Ensemble, Stephen Rice, conductor Hyperion - CDA 67933 7:16
Heinichen, Johann David Mass no. 12 in D Monika Frimmer, Kai Wessel, Hermann Oswald, Andreas Scheibner, Egbert Junghanns, Dresden Chamber Choir and Baroque Orchestra, Hans-Christoph Rademann, conductor Carus - 83.272 7:28
Isaac, Heinrich Virgo Prudentissima Cappella Sancti Michaelis, Currende Consort, Erik van Nevel, conductor Etcetera - KTC 1380 8:07
Freddi, Amadio Vespers (complete) The Gonzaga Band, Jamie Savan, conductor Resonus - RES10245 8:19
Valentini, Giovanni Canzona a6 in g minor Acronym Olde Focus Recordings - FCR904 9:06
Penalosa, Francisco de Lamentations Jeremiae Feria VI New york Polyphony BIS - BIS--2407 9:10
Fanfani, Giuseppe Maria Sonata in D for Violin and Continuo Scaramuccia Snakewood Editions - SCD201801 9:22
Young, William Sonata No. 9 Hamburger Ratsmusik, Simone Eckert, conductor CPO - 777 569-2 9:33
Sances, Giovanni Felice Missa Sancta Maria Magdalene Duke Vespers Ensemble, Mallarme Chamber Players, Washington cornett and Sackkbut Ensemble, Brian Schmidt, conductor MSR Classics - MS 1580 9:38
Bartolome de Selma y Salaverde Susanna passegiata Syntagma Amici Ricercar - RIC 279 10:06
Obrecht, Jacob Motet, Salve, Regina Pro Cantione Antiqua, The London Cornett and Sackbut Ensemble, Bruno Turner, conductor Archiv Produktion - 445 667-2 10:14
Leonarda, Isabella Violin Sonata, Op. 16, No. 12 Earthly Angels Alba - ABCD 426 10:26
Baal, Johann Me Miserum David Cordier, voice,Mensa Sonora Freiburg Ambitus - amb 97 899 10:38
Montanari, Antonio Maria Concerto in A Major, Op. 1, No. 1 Ensemble Diderot, Johannes Pramsohler, violin Audax Records - ADX-13704 10:45
Gines, Theodora Son de la Ma Teodora The Ars Femiina Ensemble Nannerl Recordings  10;57