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Yellow Flowers by Azerbaijani Artist: Afat Akhundzade at: AZgallery.org Wednesday, August 22, 2018 from 5:00 till 11:00am

Here is a list of some of the work which will be presented:
Morpheus  (Concerto for Orchestra) by German/Danish composer, Søren Nils Eichberg (1963- )
Rush (Concerto for Alto Saxophone and Orchestra) by American composer, Kenneth Fuchs (1956- )
Five Movements for String Quintet by French composer, Philippe Hersant (1948- )
Concerto for Orchestra No. 1 (Musical Gift to Kiev) by Ukrainian composer, Ivan Karabits (1945-2002)
Sleeping Cats for Piano by American composer, Mark Louis Lehman (1947- )
Tales of Galamata for Orchestra by Swedish composer, Christian Lindberg (1958- )
The Night of Destiny for piano by Franco-Syrian composer, Dia Succari (1938-2010)
One Study One Summary for percussion and tape by New Zealand composer, John Psathas (1966- )
Piano Sonata No. 2 by Estonian composer, Jaan Rääts (1932- )
Symphony No. 8 "Trinity" for wind ensemble by American composer, Arnold Rosner (1945-2013)
Bounce for two pianos by American composer, Adam Schoenberg (1980- )
plus music by:
Marta Brankovich,
Eric Moe,
Judith Shatin,
Valentin Silvestrov,
Yoichi Togawa,

and others

Playlist and MP3 File *(available after the broadcast till September 06, 2018)


 August - 22 - 2018  -  MP3
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Wednesday, August 22,  2018 - 05:00 - 11:00
Composer Work Performers label
air time
Castellano, Jennifer The Castle at Sunrise (complete) Jennifer Castellano, Piano Castellano
Dreyfus, George Rush George Dreyfus, bassoon, Jochen Schubert, guitar Move Records - MD 3071 5:02
Succari, Dia La Nuit du Destin (The Night of Destiny) Joel Fan, piano Reference Recordings - RR-106 5:06
Simon, Greg Devil Winds (2014) The Cavell Trio Blue Griffin Recording - BGR447 5:19
Lobo, Alonso Versa est in luctum The Kings Singers Signum Classics - SIGCD119 5:26
Rosner, Arnold Symphony No. 8 "Trinity" Univeristy of Houston Wind Ensemble, David Bertman, conductor Naxos - 8.573060 5:32
Czech, Rebecca Ich glaub',es gibt Regen (2015) The Twiolins Profil/Hanssler Classic - PH17002 5:57
Brankovich, Marta Victory Marta Brankovich, piano Navona Records - NV6183 6:04
Brankovich, Marta War Marta Brankovich, piano Navona Records - NV6183 6:08
Paula af Malmborg Ward Crooning (2007) Rhythm Art Duo Phono Suecia - PSCD 177 6:13
Turini, Francesco Sonata Prima Icarus Ensemble Claves Records - CD 50-9817 6:19
Lindberg, Christian Tales of Galamanta (2013-14) Odense Symphony Orchestra, Christian Liindberg, conductor BIS - 2308 6:24
Weir, Judith Atlantic Drift - Three pieces for two violins (2006) Madeleine Mitchell and Cerys Jones, violins Divine Art - dda 25160 6:40
Hubert, Jens Rock You vs. Ballerina The Twiolins Profil/Hanssler Classic - PH17002 6:50
Rosenblum, Matthew Sharpshooter (2012) Boston Modern Orchestra Project, Gil Rose, conductor BMOP/Sound - 1032 6:57
Leveridge, Richard Black and Gloomy as the Grave Evelyn Tubb, soprano, The English Trumpet Virtuosi Columns Classics - 07079 7:05
Schoenberg, Adam Bounce (2013) Nadia Shpachenko and Genevieve Feiwen Lee, pianos Reference Recordings - FR-711 7:10
Vivanco, Sebastian de Motet "Quis dabis capiti meo" Orchestra of the Renaissance, Michael Noone, conductor Glossa - GCD C81405 7:22
Togawa, Yoichi Fantasy Celluloid (2002) Yoshiko Takase, piano, Yoshimi Oshima and Chisato Tsuda, flutes, Yasuo Watani, harmonica Yoichi Togawa 7:26
Price, Katherine Hymnody Pedroia String Quartet Navona Records - NV6184 7:41
Psathas, John One Study One Summary for marimba, junk percussion and tape (2005) Jane Boxall, percussion Intermediate Swiing - IS003  7:51
Poleva, Victoria Resurrection Stichira (2007) Women's Choir, Nika, Oksana Nikitiuk, conductor Victoria Poleva 8:04
Karabits, Ivan Concerto for Orchestra No. 1 (Musical Gift to Kiev) Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra, Kirill Karabits, conductor Naxos - 8.572633 8:07
Silvestrov, Valentin Elegy (2002) Munich Chamber Orchestra, Christoph Poppen, conductor ECM New Series - B0009662-02 8:22
Silvestrov, Valentin Diptych  Kiev Chamber Choir, Mykola Hobdych, conductor ECM New Series - 476 3316 8:27
Silvestrov, Valentin Lullaby for Emilii - the Cat and the Pianist (2004) Svetlana Savenko, soprano, Yury Polubelov, piano SoLyd Records - SLR 0370/0371 8:38
Lehman, Mark Louis Sleeping Cats (2009) Albert Mulhbock, piano Enharmonic (LP) - EN17-032 8:45
Ticheli, Frank Earth Song (2014) Capella SF, Ragnar Bohlin, conductor Delos - DE 3553 9:01
Fuchs, Kenneth Rush, Concerto for Alto Saxophone and Orchestra (2011/2012) Timothy McAllister, alto saxophone, London Symphony Orchestra, JoAnn Faletta, conductor Naxos - 8.559824 9:06
Lohse, Martin The Little Match Girl (2015) Hanzhi Wang, accordion Naxos - 8.573904 9:22
Eichberg, Soren Nils Morpheus (2013) Danish National Symphony Orchestra, Joshua Weilerstein, conductor Dacapo records - 8.226144 9:28
Shatin, Judith Penelope's Song for violin and electronics Hasse Borup, violin Innova - 770 9:58
Raats, Jaan Piano Sonata No. 2, Op. 11, No. 2 Nicolas Horvath, piano Grand Piano - GP765 10:08
Hersant, Philippe Five Movements for String Quintet Hugo Wolf Quartet, Luis Zorita, cello Megadisc - MDC 7873 10:20
Moe, Eric The Sun Beats the Mountain Like a Drum (2004) Yihan Chen, pipa New Focus Recordings - FCR212 10:39
Links where to buy CD used in current show:
Innova Recordings
Navona Records