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5:30 - 11:00am
Wednesday July 19, 2017 from 5:30 till 11:00

Here is a list of some other works which will be presented:
Magnificat by Norwegian composer, Kim André Arnesen (1980- )
Four Flashbacks by american composer, Kenji Bunch (1973- )
Grecian Variations by the Greek/American composer, Dinos Constantinides (1929- )
Loop for cello, piano and vibraphone by American composer, Howard Hersh (1940- ) - preview from an upcoming release
Traveler by American composer, David Maslanka (1943- )
Eight Point Turn by American composer, Eric Moe (1954- )
Eremos by Lithuanian composer, Elena Šataitė (1992- )
Quintet for Wind Instruments by Polish composer, Tadeusz Szeligowski (1896-1963)
plus music by:
Lukáš Hurník,
Giovanni Piacentini,
Jeffrey Roden,
Arnold Rosner,
Justina Repečkaitė,
Randall Woolf

and others

Playlist and MP3 File *(available after the broadcast till August 03, 2017)


  July - 19 - 2017  -  MP3
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Wednesday, July 19, 2017 - 05:00 - 11:00
Composer Work Performers label air time
Castellano, Jennifer The Castle at Sunrise (Opening) Jennifer Castellano, Piano Castellano 5:30
Olive, Viviene Stabat Mater Students of the Cologne Music School, Carsten Zundorf, conductor Cavalli Records - CCD 320 5:31
Szeligowski, Tadeusz Quintet for Wind Instruments LutosAir Quintet NFM - 36 5:37
Ciconia, Johannes Credo Tritonus XIV Verso - VRS 2005 5:55
Bunch, Kenji Four Flashbacks The Waldland Ensemble MSR Classics - MS 1541 6:01
Vizzana, Lucrezia Motet, "Domine, quid multiplicati sunt" Musica Secreta CKD 071 6:16
Traditional Greece Thalassaki Ensemble Animantica Bongiovanni - GB 5197-2 6:22
Constantinides, Dinos Grecian Variations Christopher Lowry, viola, Louisiana Sinfonietta, Dinos Constantinides, conductor Constantinides Magni Publications - MP 21005 6:27
Pietkin, Lambert O Salutaris hostia Barocco Locco, Fritz Heller, conductor Cypres - CYP 5682 6:51
Koehne, Graeme Elevator Music Sydney Symphony, Takuo Yuasa, conductor Naxos - 8.555847 6:55
Arnesen, Kim Andre Magnificat Nidaros Cathedral Girls' Choir, The Trondheim soloists, Anita Brevik, conductor 2L - 106 7:06
Anonymous Arab-Andalusian Quddam Eduardo and Carlos Paniagua, Luis Delgado, Begonia Olavide and Rosa Olavide M.A Recordings - MO26A 7:49
Maslanka, David Traveler University of Nevada, Las Vegas Wind Orchestra, Thomas G. Leslie, conductor Klavier - K 11217 7:54
Kerem, Mihkel A Farewell for Yodit Kodaly Philharmonic Orchestra, Paul Mann, conductor Toccata Classics - TOCC 0333 8:11
Hurnik, Lukas Fusion Music In Modo Camerale Arco Diva/Ultraphon - UP 0014-2 8:18
Leonarda, Isabella Sacred Concerto "Volo Jesum" Students of the Cologne Music School, Carsten Zundorf, conductor Cavalli Records - CCD 320 8:30
Moe, Eric Eight Point Turn Boston Modern Orchestra Project, Gil Rose, conductor BMOP/sound - 1021 8:38
Carollo, John A. Move Towards the Light (Your Destiny Awaits You) Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra, Petr Vronsky, conductor Navona Records - NV6109 8:52
Piacentini, Giovanni Magnetic Duo Scorpio American Modern Recordings - AMR1047 9:02
Whitley, Bill Lily of Force Stefano Grasso, vibes, Matteo Lorito, vibes, Elena Talarico, piano, Federico De Zottis, soprano saxophone Ravello Records - RR7971 9:10
Rosner, Arnold Danses a la mode, Op. 101 Maxine Neuman, cello Toccata Classics - TOCC 0408 9:19
Hersh, Howard Loop Jonah Kim, cello, Brenda Tom, piano, Patti Niemi, vibraphone upcoming release of music by Howard Hersh 9:30
Woolf, Randall Anti-Fragile Etude #4: Between Me, Myself, and the Lamp Post Assem3ly (Lindsay Goodman, flutes, Anne Waltner, piano, Scott Christian, percussion Albany Records - TROY1676 9:42
Williams, Amy Switch New Muse Piano Duo Blue Griffin Recording, Inc. - BGR 407 9:53
Roden, Jeffrey As we rise up Jakub Fiser, violin, Szymon Marciniak, double bass, Tobias Fischer, organ Solaire - SOL1004 9:58
Bjarnason, Daniel Qui Tolis Los Angeles Percussion Quartet Sono Luminus - DSL-92214 10:09
Sataite, Elena Eremos St. Christopher Chamber Orchestra, Donatas Katkus, conductor Music Information Centre Lithuania 10:20
Repeckaite, Justina Chatres St. Christopher chamber Orchestra, Karolis Variakojis, conductor Lithuanian Composers Union 10:33
Reich, Steve Music for Pieces of Wood So Percussion Recorded live in the WPRB Studios on July 29, 2009 by Jon Solomon 10:46
Links where to buy CD used in current show:
MSR Classics
Navona Records