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Wednesday, July 04, 2018 from 5:00 till 14:00

Classical Discoveries presents: AMERICA'S UNDERDOGS FOR THE FOURTH

Each year the final Classical Discoveries program before or on July 4th is devoted to American Music.
This year the focus will be on America’s Underdogs: Women composers, black composers, composers born in other countries that became naturalized productive citizens and America's rightful owners: American Indians.

Here is a list of some of the works which will be presented:
The Indispensable Man: Concerto for Clarinet and Wind Ensemble by Victoria Bond (1945- )
Concertino for Piano, Woodwinds and Timpani by Sergio Cervetti (1940- ) (Uruguay/USA)
Piano Quintet (2013) by Gloria Coates (1938- )
Stay on It by Julius Eastman (1940-1990) (African American)
Concerto for Piccolo and Orchestra by David Finko (1936- ) (Russia/USA)
Syrian Symphony in F Major by Malek Jandali (1972- ) (Syria/America)
Aceldama by Mary Ann Joyce Walter (1937- )
Doppio Concertino for Violin, Piano and Chamber Ensemble by Carlos Surinach (1915-1997) (Spain/USA)
Towards that Endless Plain: Concerto for Persian Ney and Orchestra by Reza Vali (1952- )(Persia/USA)
Iholba' for flute, orchestra and chorus by Jerod Impichchaachaaha' Tate (1968- )(Chickasaw Nation)
plus music by:
Reynard Burns (African American),
Brent Michael Davids (Mohican Nation),
Aurelio De La Vega (Cuba/USA),
Emma Lou Diemer,
Erbeck Eryilmez (Turkey/USA),
Gao Hong (China,USA),
Mary Kouyoumdjian,
Max Lifchitz
Dosia McKay (Poland/USA),
Paoloa Prestini (Italy/USA),
Shulamit Ran (Israel/USA),
Elena Roussanova (Russia/USA),
Alex Shapiro,
Hilary Tann
and others

Playlist and MP3 File *(available after the broadcast till July 20, 2018)


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Wednesday, July 04, 2018 - 05:00 - 14:00
Composer Work Performers label air time
Castellano, Jennifer The Castle at Sunrise (opening section) Jennifer Castellano, piano castellano 5:30
Bloomer Deusen, Nancy (USA, 1931- ) American Hymn (2005) Czech Philharmonic, Robert Ian Winstin, conductor ERM Media - ERM6812 5:01
Diemer, Emma Lou (USA, 1927- ) Suite for Violin and Piano (2008) Philip Ficsor, violin, Emma Lou Diemer, piano Truetone Productions - TT9688 5:07
Williams, Julius (African American, 1954- )  Toccatina for String Orchestra Dvorak Symphony Orchestra, Julius Williams, conductor Albany Records - TROY 1072 5:23
Glanvillle-Hicks, Peggy (Australia/USA, 1912-1990 Scene Three from The Transposed Heads (Opera in One Act) Gerald English, tenor, Genty Stevens, soprano, Festival Chorus, The West Australian Symphony Orchestra, David Measham, conductor ABC Classics - 434 139-2 5:32
Constantinidis, Sylvia (Venezuela/USA, 1962- ) Macondo Poems (2005) Lynette Smith, piccolo, Frank Jones, flute, Harvey Stokes, oboe, Edward Knakal, clarinet, Tracie Whitelaw, bassoon ERM Media - ERM6835 5:40
Leon, Tania (Cuba/USA, 1943- ) Bata Foundation Philharmonic Orchestra, David Snell, conductor Atma - CD 2 2199 5:49
Barrick, Katie (Native American/Chickasaw Nation) Caffeine Smile Linden String Quartet Thunderbird Records - ACD-71286 5:58
Burns, Reynard (African American, 1946- ) Carnival Moravian Philharmonnic Winds Navona Records - NV5874 6:02
Leslie, Jane (USA) An American Song Jane Leslie, piano Misty Harbor Music 6:14
Roussanova, Elena (Russia/USA, 1974- ) Moments of Arrival  Prague Radio Symphony Orchestra, Julius P. Williams, conductor Centaur - CRC 3456 6:18
Jandali, Malek (Syria/USA, 1972- ) Syrian Symphony in F Major The Russian Philharmonic Orchestra, Sergey Kondrashev, conductor Malek Jandali  6:31
Hailstork, Adolphus (African American, 1941- ) Celebration! Detroit Symphony Orchestra, Paul Freeman, conductor Sony Music Custom Marketing Group - DSO-1111 7:06
Tann, Hilary (Wales, USA, 1947- )  In the First, Spinning Place Debra Richtmeyer, alto saxophone, Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra, Kirk Trevor, conductor North/South - R 1056 7:10
Beyer, Johanna (Germany/USA, 1888-1944) Waltz  The Baylor Percussion Group New World Records - 80711-2 7:24
Surinach, Carlos (Spain/USA, 1915-1997) Doppio Concertino Daniel Blanch, piano, Kalina Macuta, violin, Sinfonia Varsovia, Jacek Kaspszyk, conductor Columna Musica - 1CM0167 7:27
Joyce-Walter, Mary Ann (USA) Aceldama Robert Ian Winstin, conductor Ravello - RR7845 7:46
Hoover, Katherine (USA, 1937- ) Kokopeli Katherine Hoover, flute Parnassus - PACD 96031 8:05
Davids, Brent Michael (Native American/Mohican Nation, 1959- ) The Un-Covered Wagon Chanticleer, Joseph Jennings, conductor Teldec - 48556-2 8:10
Bond, Victoria (USA, 1946- ) The Indispensable Man: Concerto for Clarinet and Wind Ensemble John Bruce Yeh, clarinet, Chicago College of Performing Arts Wind Ensemble, Stephen Squires, conductor, David Holloway, narrator Albany Records - TROY1723 8:18
Constandinides, Dinos (Greece/USA, 1929- ) Dedications for Strings Strings of the Polish Radio and Television Symphony Orchestra, Szymon Kawalla, conductor  Vienna Modern Masters - VMM 3004 8:35
Hong, Gao (China/USA, 1964- ) Guangxi Impression (2012) Gao Hong, pipa, Minneapolis Guitar Quartet Innova - 858 8:40
McKay, Dosia (Poland/USA) Grit and Glitz (2011) Pawel Kapica, violin, Michal Markiewicz, cello, Krzysztof Pawlowski, cello Gavia Music. 8:53
Alston, Lettie (African American, 1953-2014) Echoes of the Spirit Cedric D. Alston & Roderick S. Leon, electronic keyboards Albany Records - TROY 439 2 9:07
Finko, David (Russia/USA, 1936- ) Concerto for Piccolo and Orchestra (2006)  Mimi Stillman, piccolo, Orchestra 2001, James Freeman, conductor Centaur - CRC 3236 9:15
Harbach, Barbara (USA, 1946- ) Arcadian Rhapsody for strings (2004) Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra, Kirk Trevor, conductor MSR Classics - MS 1252 9:33
Bliss, Marilyn (USA, 1954- ) Spirit Dance James J. Pellerite, Native American Flute, Brian Blume, maracas Albany Records - TROY 1465 9:42
Avery, Dawn (Native American/Mohawk Tribe) Tulpe Dawn Avery, cello and rattles, Sarah Davol, oboe and ocarina, Montgomery College World Ensemble Okenti Records - OR-3344-5 9:46
Erylimaz, Erberk (Turkey/USA, 1989- ) Thracian Airs of Besime sultan (2015) Apollo Chamber Players Navona Records - NV6038 9:51
Perkinson, Coleridge-Taylor (African American, 1932-2004) Louisiana Blues Strut (A Cakewalk) Ashley Horne, violin Cedille - CDR 900000 087 10:04
Vali, Reza (Persia/USA, 1952- ) Toward That Endless Plain: Concerto for Persian Ney and Orchestra (2003) Khosrow Soltani, Persian ney, Boston Modern Orchestra Project, Gil Rose, conductor BMOP/sound - 1026 10:08
Sierra, Roberto (USA, 1953- ) Suite Eva Nordwall, harpsichord Vras Productions - CD-87-001 10:29
Impichchachaaha' Tate, Jerod (Native American, Chickasaw Nation, 1968- ) Iholba Thomas Robertello, flute, San Francisco Symphony Orchestra and chorus, Edwin Outwater, conductor Thunderbird Records - ACD-71242 10:36
El-Dabh, Halim (Egypt/USA, 1921-2017) Wire Recorder Piece (Expression of Zaar) Electronic Music Halim El-Dabh Music 11:04
El-Dabh, Halim (Egypt/USA, 1921-2017) Crimson Orchid (2005) Halim El-Dabh, piano Halim El-Dabh Music 11:07
Coates, Gloria (USA, 1938- ) Piano Quintet (2013) Kreutzer Quartet, Roderick Chadwick, piano Naxos - 8.559848 11:13
Kouneva, Penka (Bulgaria/USA, 1967- ) Raga Elaine Funaro, harpsichord Gasparo - GSCD-331 11:38
Cervetti, Sergio (Uruguay/USA, 1940- ) Concertino, piano, woodwinds, timpani (2013) Karolina Rojahn, piano, Ensemble conducted by Geoffrey McDonald Navona - NV6001 11:45
Anderson, Beth (USA, 1950- ) Country Time Beth Anderson, voice, Michael Blair, percussion Pogus Productions - P210 030-2 12:05
Eastman, Julius (African American, 1940-1990) Stay On It Georgia Mitoff, voice, Petr Kotik, piano, Benjamin Hudson, violin, Amrom Chados, clarinet, Joseph Ford & Doug Gaston, saxophones, Dennis Kahle & Jan Williams, percussion New World Records - 80638-2 12:08
Parchcorn, Courtney (Native American) Innocence String Quartet "Ethel" Azica Records - ACD-71258 12:34
Lifchitz, Max (Mexico/USA, 1948- ) Expressions The North/South Chamber Orchestra, Max Lifchitz, conductor North/South Recordings - N/S R 1054 12:40
Shapiro, Alex (USA, 1962- ) Desert Tide (2005) Douglas Masek, saxophone Centaur - CRC 2862 12:52
Lauten, Elodie (France/USA) The Architecht Marshall Coid, countertenor, The Queen's Chamber Band Capstone - CPS-8733 13:03
De La Vega, Aurelio (Cuba/USA,, 1925- ) Elegy for string orchestra National Polish Radio Symphony Orchestra, Max Lifchitz, conductor North/South Recordings - N/S R 1051 13:10
Kouyoumdjian, Mary (USA, 1983- ) Byblos Duo Noire (Thomas Flippin & Christopher Mallet, guitars) New Focus Recordings - FCR210 13:11
Prestini, Paola (Italy/USA) G-Force (2014) Brooklyn Rider Vision into Art - VIA - 10 13:33
Ran, Shulamit (Israel/USA, 1949- ) Yearning Edna Mitchell, violin, Czech Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra, Lukas Foss, conductor Angel - 7243 5 57179 2 4 13:44
Roumain, Daniel Bernard (DBR) (African American, 1970- ) From 24 Bits: Hip-Hop Study and Etude in F# Minor DBR & The Mission DBR Music 13:55
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