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Wednesday, April 17, 2019 from 5:00 till 11:00

Here is a list of some of the works which will be presented during this week's program:
Miserere by Italian composer, Tommaso Baj (ca. 1650-1714)
Lament for the Fall of Constantinople by Byzantine composer, Manuel Chrysaphes (15th century)
Kembang Suling for flute and marimba by  New Zealand composer, Gareth Farr (1968- )
Sacred songs and Interludes by American composer, Nancy Galbraith (1951- )
The Blue of Distance by Lithuanian composer, Žibuoklė Martinaitytė (1973- )
Stabat Mater by Russian composer, Vladimir Martynov (1946- )
O lacrime amare by Italian composer, Bianca Maria Meda (c. 1665-c. 1700)
Concerto for Harpsichord and String Orchestra by Croation composer, Boris Papandopulo (1906-1991)
Voice for two violoncellos by Ukrainian composer, Victoria Poleva (1962- )
Uranus (Symphony in five parts for trumpet, organ, shaman drum and didgeridoo) by Estonian composer, Urmas Sisask (1960- )
Colors by American composer, James M. Stephenson (1969- )
Niggunim "Melodies of the Hasidim" for solo violin and orchestra by Polish composer, Romuald Twardowski (1930- )
Selections from Lamentatio Jeremiae Prophetae by Canadian composer, Peter-Anthony Togni (1959- )
Calligraphy No. 4 for santoor (Persian hammer dulciomer) and string quartet by Persian composer, Reza Vali (1952-)
Whirling Dance by Taiwanese composer, Chung Yiu-Kwong (1956- )
and much more

Playlist and MP3 File *(available after the broadcast till May 01, 2018)

White Spring - by Azerbaijani Artist Darvin Valibeyov at: AZgallery.org


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Wednesday, April 17,  2019 - 05:00 - 11:00
Composer Work Performers label
air time
Castellano, Jennifer The Castle at Sunrise (Opening) Jennifer Castellano, Piano Castellano
Byrd, William, arr. Nico Muhly Miserere mei, Deus Aurora Orchestra, Nicholas Collon, conductor Decca - 478 2731 5:01
Papandopulo, Boris Concerto for Harpsichord and String Orchestra Jorg Halubek, harpsichord, Southwest German Chamber Orchestra of Pforzheim, Timo Handschuh, conductor CPO - 777 941-2 5:05
Rossi, Salomone Sonata Seconda Il Ruggiero Tactus - TC 571801 5:29
Rossi, Salomone Shir hamma'alot Jeremy Avis, voice, Fretwork Harmonia mundi - HMU 907478 5:34
Oswald, Rebecca Finding the Murray River Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra, Vit Micka, conductor Navona Records - NV5847 5:38
Chrysaphes, Manuel Lament for the Fall of Constantinople Cappella Romana, Alexander Lingas, conductor Capella Romana/The Metropolitan Museum of Art 5:46
Chung Yiu-Kwong Whirling Dance Sharon Bezaly, flute, Taipei Chinese Orchestra, Chung Yiu-Kwong, conductor BIS - SACD-1759 5:58
Farr, Gareth Kembang Suling Patricia Zuber, flute, Greg Zuber, marimba Belarca - 006 6:08
Meda, Bianca Maria O Lacrime amare Cappella Artemisia, Candace Smith, conductor Brilliant Classics - 95736 6:20
Twardowski, Romuald  Niggunim "Melodies of the Hasidim" Kinga Augustin, violin, Torun Symphony Orchestra, Mariusz Smolij, conductor Naxos - 8.579031 6:32
Poleva, Victoria Voice for 2 violoncelos Duo Violoncellissimo Victoria Poleva 6:47
Miles, Lisa  #1 Driving Lisa Miles, violin, Erin Snyder, cello` Ravello - RR7816 6:58
Baj, Tommaso Miserere Camerata Silesia, Anna Szostask, conductor Musicon - MCCD 54 7:00
Stephenson, James M. Colors Alex Klein, oboe, Chicago Pro Musica Cedille - CDR 90000 176 7:12
Aleotti, Raphaella Miserere Cappella Artemisia, Candace Smith, conductor Tactus - TC 570101 7:27
Togni, Peter-Anthony Selections from Lamentatio Jeremiae Prophetae (Silentio///Recordare, Domine) Jeff Reilly, bass clarinet, Rebecca Whelan, sopraano, Elmer Iseler singers, Lydia Adams, conductor ECM New Series - 476 3629 7:33
Traditional Jewish Melodies Uri tsafon///Adon haselihot///Az yashir Moshe Hortus Musicus, Andres Mustonen, conductor Estonian Record Productions - ERO 10318 8:00
Sisask, Urmas Stabat Mater Dolorosa Noorus Choir, Ene Uleoja, conductor Eesti Raadio 8:10
Sisask, Urmas Uranus, Symphony in Five Parts Andres Uibo, organ, Juri Leiten, trumpet, Juri Leiten shaman drum, Urmas sisask, didgeridoo Eres - CD 05 8:14
Elder, Daniel  Elegy Westminster Choir, Joe Miller, conductor Westminster Choir College of Rider University - WCC1310 8:28
Attributed to Grigor Narekatsi (10th Century Armenia) Holy Mother Lusine Zakarian, soprano, Armenian Chamber Orchestra OCTA Records - OCD002 8:33
Hovhaness, Alan Easter Cantata, Op. 100, No. 3 Benita Valente, soprano, Bamberg symphony Orchestra, Alfredo Antonini, conductor CRI - CD 836 8:38
Komitas Havun The Gurdjieff Ensemblle ECM - 473 2246 8:52
Galbraith, Nancy Sacred Songs and Interludes Kara Cornell, mezzo-soprano, Thomas Octave, baritone, Alberto Almarza and Jodi Petroelje, flutes, Jason Ginter and Brandon Schantz, percussion, Mark Carver, synthesizer and piano, The Pittsburgh Camer The Pittsburgh Camerata 9:00
Vali, Reza Calligraphy No. 4 Dariush Saghafi, Persian santoor, Cuarteto Latinoamericano Albany Records - TROY824 9:48
Neuburg, Amy X Nonette Kate Stenberg, violin, Eva-Maria Zimmermann, piano Other Minds - OM 1019-2 10:00
Martynov, Vladimir Stabat Mater Opus Posth Ensemble, Sirin & Alkonost Choirs, Tatiana Grindenko, conductor Long Arms Records - CDLA 03031 10:05
Morales, Cristobal de O Crux Ave Stile Antico Harmonia Mundi - HMU 807555 10:32
Martinaityte, Zibuokle The Blue of Distance Volti, Robert Geary, conductor Innova - 023 10:37
Annonymous Buddhist Chant arr. by Jean-Philippe Rykiel Hope for Enlightment Lama Gyurme, voice, Jean-Philippe Rykiel, keyboards Sony Classical - SK 62571 10:52