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Wednesday, March 28, 2018, from 5:00 till 11:00  - HOVHANESS ON VINYL

As a part of WPRB All Vinyl Week (Check FaceBook Event), Classical Discoveries presents a program titled HOVHANESS ON VINYL

Featured will be many recordings which were never transferred to commercial CD's.

Here is a list of some of the works to be presented:
Concerto No. 1 for Orchestra "Arevekal", Op. 88
Concerto No. 2 for violin and string orchestra, Op. 89a
Firdausi for clarinet, harp & percussion, Op. 252
"Khaldis", Concerto for piano, four trumpets and percussion, Op. 91
Island of Mysterious Bells for four harps, Op. 244
"Lousadzak" , Concerto No. 1 for piano and string orchestra, Op. 48 (recording of world premiere performance conducted by the composer)
October Mountain for percussion ensemble, Op. 135
Return and Rebuild the Desolate Places (Concerto for trumpet), Op. 213
Six Greek Folk Dances for harmonica and piano, Op. 150
Symphony No. 9, "Saint Vartan", Op. 180
Symphony No. 16, "Kayageum" for Korean instruments and string orchestra,Op. 202
Symphony No. 40, Op. 324
Talin, Concerto for viola and string orchestra, Op. 93
Tower Music for winds, Op. 129
plus many others

Playlist and MP3 File *(available after the broadcast till April 11, 2018)


  March - 28 - 2018  -  MP3
listen  03/28/2018-05:00-06:00
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listen  03/28/2018-10:00-11:00

Wednesday, March 28,  2018 - 05:00 - 11:00
For more playlists go to: Alan Hovhaness Playlist

Composer Work Performers label
air time
Hovhaness, Alan Sunrise, Op. 107 Orchestra, Andre Kostelanetz, conductor Columbia Masterworks - M34537 (LP) 5:00
Hovhaness, Alan Celestial Fantasy, Op. 44 M-G-M String Orchestra, Carlos Surinach, conductor M-G-M - E3517 (LP) 5:06
Hovhaness, Alan Firdausi, Op. 262 Lawrence Sobol, clarinet, Gloria Agostini, harp, Neal Boyar, percussion Grenadilla - GS-1008 (LP) 5:14
Hovhaness, Alan Ararat, Op. 238, No. 4 Ara Berberian, basso, Sahan Arzruni, piano Positively Armenian - PA 104 (LP) 5:35
Hovhaness, Alan Six Greek Folk Dances, Op. 150 John Sebastian, harmonica, Renato Josi, piano Deutsche Grammophon - DGM 12015 (LP) 5:39
Hovhaness, Alan Tower Music, Op. 129 M-G-M Orchestra, Carlos Surinach, conductor M-G-M - E3504 (LP) 5:48
Hovhaness, Alan Upon Enchanted Ground, Op. 90a Samuel Baron, flute, Lucile Lawrence, harp, Claus, Adam, 'cello, Elden Bailey, tamtam, Alan Hovhaness, conductor Columbia Records - ML 5179 (LP) 6:02
Hovhaness, Alan Island of Mysterious Bells, Op. 244 New York Harp Ensemble Golden Crest - CRS - 4130 (LP) 6:07
Hovhaness, Alan Symphony No. 9, "Saint Vartan Symphony" M-G-M Chamber Orchestra, Carlos Surinach, conductor M-G-M - E3453 (LP) 6:15
Hovhaness, Alan Let Them Praise the Name of the Lord, Op. 160a The Nyack Chorale, Elliott A. Nordgren, conductor The Nyack Chorale (LP) 7:00
Hovhaness, Alan Alleluia and Fugue, Op. 40b M-G-M String Orchestra, Carlos Surinach, conductor M-G-M - E3504 7:04
Hovhaness, Alan Khaldis, Op. 91 William Masselos, piano, Chamber Ensemble, Izler Solomon, conductor M-G-M - E3160 7:14
Hovhaness, Alan Three Visions of Saint Mesrob, Op. 198 Ani Kavafian, violin, Sahan Arzruni, piano Posatively Armenian - PA 105 7:35
Hovhaness, Alan Talin, Concerto for viola and string orchestra, Op. 93 Emanuel Vardi, viola, M-G-M String Orchestra, Izler Solomon, conductor M-G-M - E3432 (LP) 7:43
Hovhaness, Alan Three Mountain Idylls, Op. 119 Marga Richter, piano M-G-M - E3517 (LP) 8:04
Hovhaness, Alan Symphony No. 40, Op. 324 Stephanie Arado, violin, Interlochen Arts Academy String Orchestra, Brass and Timpani, Alan Hovhaness, conductor Fujihara Record Co. - FUJI 1004 (LP) 8:11
Hovhaness, Alan Jhala, Op. 103 William Masselos, piano M-G-M - E3160 (LP) 8:34
Hovhaness, Alan Return and Rebuild the Desolate Places (Concerto for Trumpet), Op. 213 Gerard Schwarz, trumpet, The North Jersey Wind Symphony, Keith Brion, conductor Mace Records - MXX 9099 (LP) 8:39
Hovhaness, Alan Symphony No. 38, Op. 314 (second movement) Northwest Chamber Orchestra, Alan Hovhaness, conductor Pandora - PAN 3001 (LP) 8:50
Hovhaness, Alan Lousadzak (The Coming of Light), Concerto for piano and orchestra, Op. 48 Maro Ajemian, piano, orchestra conducted by Alan Hovhaness Folkways - FM 3369 (LP) 9:00
Hovhaness, Alan Coy Sweet Love Lili Chookasian, contralto, Sahan Arzruni, piano Positively Armenian - PA 103 9:18
Hovhaness, Alan Concerto No. 2 for violin and string orchestra, Op. 89a Anahid Ajemian, violin, M-G-M String Orchestra, Carlos Surinach, conductor M-G-M - E3674 (LP) 9:21
Hovhaness, Alan October Mountain, Op. 135 Manhattan Percussion Ensemble, Paul Price, conductor Urania - US 5134 (LP) 9:49
Hovhaness, Alan Symphony No. 16, Op. 202 for Korean Instruments and string orchestra Ensemble conducted by Alan Hovhaness Poseidon (Private Issue) 10:01
Hovhaness, Alan Sharagan and Fugue, Op. 58 M-G-M Brass ensemble, Carlos Surinach, conductor M-G-M - E3517 10:20
Hovhaness, Alan Concerto No. 1 for Orchestra, "Arevakal", Op. 88 Eastman-Rochester Orchestra, Alan Hovhaness, conductor Mercury Living Presence - MG50078 (LP) 10:24
Hovhaness, Alan Akhtamar, Op. 64 Maro Ajemian piano Dial Records - 6 (LP) 10:49
Hovhaness, Alan Macedonian Mountain Dance The Manhattan Piano Quartet M-G-M - E3517 (LP) 10:56