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Wednesday, February 20, 2019 from 5:00 till 11:00

Here is a list of some of the works which will be presented during this week's program:
Dette blanke No (This Our Virgin Now) (Concerto for Harp and Angels) (2004) by Norwegian composer, Magnar Åm (1952- )
Imagined/Remembered by American composer, Bruce Babcock
Shades of Violet (2017) by American composer, Jenni Brandon (1977- )
Consolamentum (2016) by the Uruguayan/American composer, Sergio Cervetti (1940- )
Stainless Staining (2007) by Irish composer, Donnacha Dennehy (1970- )
Teen Murti for string orchestra (2013) by Indian/American composer, Reena Esmail (1983- )
Lovers Besieged, orchestral suite (2009) by Chinese composer, Ge Gan-Ru (1954- )
Children's Field for children's chorus and orchestra by Japanese composer, Michio Mamaya (1929- )
Violin Concerto No. 1, Op. 10 (2006) by South Korean composer, Jeajoon Ryu (1970- )
Capriccio in Blue "George Gershwin in Memoriam" for violin and orchestra by Polish composer, Romuald Twardowski (1930- )
In Passages for violin soloist & string orchestra (2015) by American composer, Rain Worthington (1959- )
plus music by
Ayala Asherov-Kalus,
Thomas-Louis Bourgeois,
Kyle Gann,
Vijay Iyer,
Anna Thorvaldsdottir

and others

At around 9:00am John Burkhalter will visit to discuss the upcoming free concert by LES AGRÉMENTS DE MUSIQUE on Friday March 1, 2019 at 7:30 pm in Taplin Auditorium on the Campus of Princeton University. The program will include music by Jean-Baptiste Lully, Marc Antonine Charpentier and André Campra

Playlist and MP3 File *(available after the broadcast till March 07, 2019)


 February - 20 - 2019  -  MP3
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Wednesday, February 20,  2019 - 05:00 - 11:00
Composer Work Performers label
air time
Castellano, Jennifer The Castle at Sunrise (Opening) Jennifer Castellano, Piano Castellano
Hannah, Ron Devil's Dance for violiin and piano Joanna Ciapka-Sangster, violin, Mikolaj Warszynski, piano Clef Records - 09008-2 5:01
Pedrini, Teodorico Sonata in C minor, Op. 3, No. 10 XVIII-21 Musiques des Lumieres, Jean-Christophe Frisch, conductor Astree - AS 128609 5:05
Ge Gan-Ru Lovers Besieged, orchestral suite Orquesta Sinfonica de Castilla Y Leon, Enrique Diemecke,, conductor BIS - CD-1779 5:14
Babcock, Bruce Imagined/Remembered Trio Casals (Sylvia Ahramjian, violin, Ovidiu Marinescu, cello, Anna Kislitsyna, piano) Navona Records - NV6156 5:38
Spiegler, Matthias Canzon a 2 Wolfgang Basch, trumpet, Jesse Read, bassoon, Doreen Oke, harpsichord, Nan Mackie, viola da gamba Etcetera - KTC 1196 5:57
Williams, Natalie Five Bagatelles (2011) Richard Zimdars, piano Albany Records - TROY1558 6:02
Raickovich, Milos Prelude and Fugue for 2 toy pianos Margaret Leng Tan, toy pianos Mode - 45 6:15
Vasks, Peteris The Fruit of silence (2013) Latvian Radio Choir, Sinfonietta Riga, Sigvards Klava, conductor Ondine - ODE 1302-2 6:22
Brandon, Jenni Shades of Violet (2017) Violet (Elizabeth Crawford, clarinet, Katrin Meidell, viola) Albany Records - TROY1758 6:30
Ribera, Bernardino de Motet "Beata mater" De Profundis, David Skinner, conductor Hyperion - CDA68141 6:42
Asherov-Kalus, Ayala Three Rivers Doug Graham, clarinet, Neil Casey, viola, winifred Goodwin, piano Navona Records - NV5864 6:47
Kerll, Johann Caspar Canzona a 3 Johann Rosenmuller Ensemble, Arno Paduch, conductor Christophorus - CHR 77358 7:04
Esmail, Reena Teen Murti for string orchestra (2013) ROCO, Mei-Ann Chen, conductor Innova - 016 7:10
Wanamaker, Gregory Speed Metal Organum Blues (2004) Elysion Quartet Blue Griffin Recording - BGR491 7:21
Cervetti, Sergio  Consolamentum (2016) Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra, Petr Vronsky, conductor Navona Records - NV6217 7:23
Iyer, Vijay Spellbound and Sacrosanct, Cowrie Shells and the Shimmering Sea Vijay Iyer, piano ECM - B0020038-02 7:41
Twardowski, Romuald  Capriccio in Blue "George Gershin in Memoriam" Kinga Augustin, violin, Torun Symphony Orchestra, Mariusz Smolij, conductor Naxos - 8.579031 7:50
Vellard, Dominique O vos omnes (2004) Ensemble Gilles Binchois, Dominique Vellard, conductor Glossa - GCD P32301 8:01
Worthington, Rain  In Passages for violin soloist & string orchestra (2015) Mojca Ramuscak, violin, Croatian Chamber Orchestra, Miran Vaupotic, conductor Navona Records - NV6216 8:04
Ryu, Jeajoon Violin Concerto No. 1, Op. 10 (2006) So-Ock Jim, violin, Podlasie Opera and Philharmonic Orchestra, Piotr Borkowski, conductor Naxos - 8.570599 8:16
Boismortier, Joseph Bodin de Trio Sonata in E minor, Op. 37, No. 2 (1732) Umbra Lucis Ensemble Brilliant Classics - 95754 8:37
Bourgeois, Thomas-Louis Cantata "Les Sirenes" Les Delices, Clara Rottsolk, soprano Les Delices 8:44
Conversation with John Burkhalter Concert "Les Agrements de Musiques" March 1, 2019, 7:30pm Taplin Auditorium/Fine Hall, Princeton University 9:00
Albrici, Vincenzo Sinfonia Cappella Augustana, Matteo Messori, conductor Musica Rediviva - MRCD 008 9:15
Am, Magnar Dette Blanke No (This Our Virgin Now) (Cconcerto for harp and angels) Ellen Sejersted Bodtker, electric and acoustic harps, Berit Norbakken Solset, Grex Vocalis, Carl Hogset, conductor 2L - 51 9:23
Sankaram, Kamala Keeping the Look Loose Brooklyn Youth Chorus, Dianne Berkun Menaker, conductor New Amsterdam Records - NWAM105 9:48
Mamiya, Michio Composition for Chorus No. 4 "Children's Field" Tokyo Broadcasting Children's Chorus Group, Tokyo Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra, Michiyoshi Innoue, conductor Fontec - FOCD3306 9:55
Venezuelan Folk song Montilla Luciana Mancini, Vincenzo Capezzuto & Doron Sherwin, voices, L'Arpeggiata  Virgin Classics - 5099907095023 10:17
Dennehy, Donnacha Stainless Staining (2007) Sophia Subbayya Vastek, piano Innova - 974 10:21
Thorvaldsdottir, Anna Scape (2011) Cory Smythe, piano Sono Luminus - DSL-92227 10:37
Gann, Kyle So Many Little Dyings Kenneth Patchen, voice, Kyle Gann, sampling keyboard New world Records - 80801-2 10:46
Anderson, Laurie Time to Go Laurie Anderson, voice & violin, Scott Johnson, guitar and organ New World Records - 80653-2 10:54
Links where to buy CD used in current show:
Innova Recordings
New World Records
Navona Records